New Promotion Founded by Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith in the works?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by leojay, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Source: Wrestlezone

    I guess they thought the TNA brand was too far gone to try and rebuild it, eh? Thoughts?
  2. I'm hoping that's the announcement Jarrett has to make, the promotion could have a ton of potential if done right.
  3. You jobber, it's one thread below yours.
  4. :downer: I saw the article on my phone and was eager to post it.
  5. That makes no sense whatsoever. Keith and Jarrett wanted to buy out TNA from the Carters because they indeed wanted to rebuild it again, and get TNA rid of the Carter Family. By buying TNA, you already have everything set in place and much to worry about: you have TV deal on national TV, 40 wrestlers roster, a place to tape etc etc.

    When Carters didn't want to sell it to Keith//Jarrett, the latter two probably said when they don't want to sell it, lets start a new promotion then.

    Jarrett wanted TNA without the Carters, but that's a no go. He'll simply open up a new promotion without them, Jarrett is the man.
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  6. Good list. Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Devon, Scott Steiner, Tommy Dreamer, AAA talent, W-1 talent.... Also worth noting. Jarrett is friends and in a good relationship with a LOTS (and really LOTS) of people in pro wrestling, and is much respected. #SlapnutsIsAGod
  7. I probably posted that fairly ignorantly, but from what I understand they don't currently have a place to tape and they may be dropped from Spike if Spike indeed does buy Smackdown or RAW (which is apparently a possibility). Plus, they're getting worse and worse house show and taping attendances. At that point, isn't it a better choice to start from the ground and slowly build up rather than buy what is practically a dying brand name simply because of its roster? Plus, aren't multiple top-talent contracts expiring or expired in there like Sting? What about AJ Styles?

    Again, perhaps fairly ignorant from me. Haven't kept in the loop of things that much recently.
  8. This rumor excites me. A new major company is what the business in America needs. There are so many talented guys out there who deserve the opportunities. It might not shake up WWE but it can most certainly shake up ROH and TNA, forcing them to step it up. Maybe even one or two top indys.

    If Keith is involved I am almost 100% sure it will air on the country music network.
  9. Slapnuts Championship Wrestling


    Would mark to see Joey Ryan in that rumored new company.
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  10. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple talents from TNA would switch over to their promotion, and I'm willing to bet AJ would most likely be apart of it.
  11. I've been reading JR's blog and stuff a lot lately, so true. The guy just doesn't seem to be really invested into anything tbh. Plus he's old and half-sick, imagine him running around backstage or something. Or heck, even doing commentary bi-weekly or so
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