New Puppy

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Xanth, Aug 31, 2012.

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  1. So yesterday we got a new puppy and we had to decide if we wanted to keep her or not. Obviously because I'm such a boss I convinced my mum and dad to keep her.

    Her name's Daisy.

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  3. :yay: He's soooooo cute
  4. She's*
  5. All dogs are boys and all cats are girls... :annoyed:
  6. Daisy's so cute! :emoji_slight_smile:) Can we make her the mascot of WF? LOLZ. <3

    Take good care of her!
  7. She just peed on me.
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  8. Patience of a saint is needed, Xanth. No one says that taking care of a dog is easy!
  9. Congrats, on the dog. She look's like a boss.
  10. Puppy's are a pain lol, especially with the biting. Still looks adorable, what's the breed?
  11. :bury: Dogs are the best thing, ever. Love dogs, but i have a mini-falcor.
  12. Xanth she is sooo cute :yay:
  13. Such a nice puppy. :gusta:
  14. Re: RE: New Puppy

    We have 3 between my mum and dads houses lol, I love dogs too they just are a pain when they're puppies lol.
  15. Lhasa Apso
  16. I like your heels in picture #2, I bet they bring out your eyes.
  17. Was expecting Blank to make that comment. Guess you beat him to it.
  18. Edited your post. Nice one idiot lol.

  19. :burns::obama:
  20. Neighbour has the exact same dog.
    Also I'm confused, Blank is supposedly a 14 year old female and Xanth said "he". :hmm:
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