New RAW Set!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by DK James, Jul 25, 2016.

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  1. This makes me so happy. Was really hoping they'd change it up, even if it is just a small change like this. Now we hope for red ring ropes. Tonight truly is the start of a new era, would love a new song too.
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  2. Now that's nice!

    Hope they bring back the red ropes, too.
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  3. Awesome! Hope Smackdown gets a different set
  4. Red ropes and announce table is by the stage too
  5. The atmosphere is so much more gritty. The dark red tone and hard music really adds to it.
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  6. That's the one thing I feel too. The past sets were too bright and colorful. It was missing that darkness to it, which thankfully has been brought back. Looks so much better and more adult friendly lol. It gives it that more "RAW" feeling, pun intended lol. And honestly it suits roman better. Makes his character look bad ass kinda.
  7. After the draft i made a decision o stick with 1 show, it looks like it will be Smackdown.. They have a better roster for me. RAW is way too long with a roster i don't care about.. Last nights RAW was torture to sit through, even though it wasn't a terrible show.
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  8. That made me like "Whoa." Because, not only does it have a Nitro vibe, it also gives way to future WWE storylines use.
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