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  1. Been a real good couple of days for WWE Forums.


    Incredible stats, remember, we're not 3 months old yet. Can take some forums up to a year to reach what we've reached, nearly 40,000 posts.

    Thanks to all of you :emoji_slight_smile: :boss:
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  2. Great to see congrats everyone.
  3. Incredible. It'll be 2k posts daily soon.
  4. [​IMG]

    Great. Lets keep it runnin wild. Gimme the beer! :steiner: #Badasses
  5. Now that's gangsta!

    Keep it up guys!
  6. Great to see this when I get back from the doctor!

  7. Ehem I also am part of the 1,000 :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  8. @[Thewindyfan] aren't you available for the thread discussion award?
  9. Yes but I have to look for threads for proof or else yeah!
  10. I trust you. I'll give you it now.
  11. Sweet! Thanks Crayo!
  12. I was there to help break this record we need to break it again this week
  13. I know we're gonna make another record on April 1st.
  14. Agreed Hoss we sure will
  15. We might just beat it sometime this week with this competition going on.
  16. Closed. -.-
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