New Screenshots of WWE2K14, what we now know

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    The 30 years of Wrestlemania mode trailer was released with new screenshots, we can now get tons of new info on them with these, shall we?
    The New Screenshots (open)

    Wrestlemania III: Hogan vs. Andre
    We already knew about this one, nothing much but big Andre's size.

    Wrestlemania III: Steamboat vs. Savage
    Now this gives us a ton of new info, first off, we are getting the fucking Ring Cart entrances! Thats cool! However if your a guy who looks at the arena aspects, you can tell the WM3 arena isn't exact, the light mechanism above the ring is what it always is for each arena which kinda sucks, the crowd isn't as big as it was at WM3 (In which it was really damn big) However moving away form this looking into the ring, look what Savage is wearing, he come with his Macho King attire himself as well as his wife I believe (whats her face) if you look to the right, now that is pretty good in detail.
    Now this image also speaks a little info guys, the main detail here is Steamboat's intercontinental title, pointing it out, the wwe logo on the title is the current day WWE logo, which is wrong because as you see the WWE is using the old logos here, thats a little mini detail we can point out, now this probably shows that for this match and other Intercontinental title matches in this mode they are just using a recolored leather version of the current IC title. This also kinda foreshadows we are also getting the title editor we had in WWE '13. So keep that in mind.
    Wrestlemania IV: DiBiase vs. Savage
    Now this image also gives us a ton of more info, one of them would be Hulk Hogan, check out his attire here, this shows we are getting Hogan's correct attire from WM4 including his cross necklace, this also shows that back in the previous picture with Macho Man that was his wife in the ring with him as for she is on Savage's shoulders with the WWF title. Another things here, if you look behind Hogan, you can see another flaud about the arena, the announce is a cubicle sadly and not a real table like it was back then. But excleduing that, if you can take a look at the back of the arena mainly the ceiling, and lights you can see how better detailed this arena is from WMIII guys, they did a good job at this one decoration wise.
    [​IMG]Wrestlemania VI: Warrior vs. Hogan
    Now, as we know Warrior is DLC, now what this shows is that, the 30yr mode will feature a few special bonus matches with certain DLC like with Warrior right here. But looking at this,take a look at the IC title here, now THATS the correct logos, it features the Warrior's custom yellow leather to point out. This belt is perfect from the one being used in Steamboats match or the ones from Micheal's and Ramon (which we will cover next).
    Wrestlemania X: Micheals vs. Ramon
    Get a load this one guys, first off its hard to see but those are still WWE current logos on both titles. Now whats cool is, they remembered, they did have 2 belts above the ring, another thing here, the official, now that is the same ref head from previous games but hes dressed how hes supposed to be dressed, thats a good call. Now in the background, you can see they did a good detail to this arena, that wrestlemania logo in the back, I don't know how the rest of this arena will look but thats good for detail.
    Wrestlemania X8: Hollywood Hogan vs. Rock
    Okay, I STILL can't get enough n how perfect the stage is here, i mean this is a perfect stage, the entry tron is using a titantron like it should and it features the correct mini trons. Also, look how detailed Hogan is? That looks just like how he did when he faced Rock at this Wrestlemania, lets not forget about the Black and White entrance which is such a good detail to remember here. Nice job 2K, jolly good show.
    Wrestlemania 22: Edge vs. Mick Foley
    Alright now this one has a ton of good detail, first thing, look to the left, we are getting Lita again, shes at ringside like she was for Edge at the Wresltemania, another thing is the arena detail, now Chicago had a small arena for 22, judging by the arena size here, they did a good job, also pointing out 2K did their research, it did end with Edge spearing Foley through a flaming table, EXCELLENT job here.
    Wrestlemania 24: Ric Flair vs. Micheals
    WOW, there are a few things about this one, we are getting 24 with the correct stage set up, but there's one thing we don't know. Is this going to be an outdoor arena, we saw photos of 28, it didn't look outdoors or in any matter did it look like sunlife stadium, which hold questionable, how detailed will this arena be?
    Wrestlemania 28: Triple H vs. Taker Micheals guest Ref
    I think I spoke too soon in the last photo guys, take a look at the lights in the back, I guess we are getting an outdoor 28 arena and another thing look how they remembered the lighting segments in the upper sections, nice job there. However, did anyone notice the tron? The trons in this arena are like Met Life Stadium with 4 in the corners. This is Sunlife Stadium people, they and 2 big trons on top on each ends, thats a major disspaointment. But moving away from arena detail would be the Retro Triple H, this shows that we are getting the Triple H used at this time as well as special guest ref matches with Shawn Micheals if you see here. I bet this was a pretty good moment to put in the game.
    Okay now this was ending scene to the End of an Era match, the key detail, is triple H's trunk logo, they are the correct ones on his trunks to point out, another good call, also to point out the trons in the back,they did remember the 20-0 trons thank goodness, but another thing if you look above the mini trons you can see another titantron up there, so maybe they did remember the sunlife trons but however im also seeing the metlife tron thing again behind the 2k logo, whats the deal here 2k? i don't know if that will be edited out but ones things for sure that doesn't belong.
    Wrestlemania 28: Rock vs. Cena
    Now lets point out everything here, first, the rock has a beard, second, Cena is in his Green Rise Above Hate gear. Third, look at the stage, don't see it? Well 2k included a real important detail, the pyro cakes, showing that the pyro indeed does not come out of no where. Another thing look to left, the metlife tron I mentioned is missing here. I don't know maybe its hidden or this is an updated photo, what ever the case is, we don't see it, thats good.

    There were a few more photos featuring Mysterio but I got nothing to say about them, I think 2k is doing a good job here, moving on to the trailer, which also provides some info
    30 years of Wrestlemania Trailer (open)

    Pause it at 0:34, thats something that wasn't a screenshot, we are getting Wrestlemania X7 Stone Cold vs The Rock No DQ WWF Title, and the stage looks pretty good guys, another thing about the arena, look at the crowd size, it's huge! But where's the ceiling? Obviously its not finished but pointing out the size holy crap.
    Pause at 0:56, again, the arena detail there for WMIV thats some shit there.
    Pausign around 1:00 I think, there you see the Andre The Giant comes complete with Pat Paterson(?, don't know if I have all my info correct) thats good they remembered the managers
    1:06, AWWW YEAH, we are getting the beast entrance of HBK from his iron man match with Bret Hart, good touch there.

    As we see here, we are getting a TON of new shit, loving it
  2. Holy fuck. I just noticed that they'll have various Wrestlemania arenas. WOO!
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  3. I'm VERY impressed with this mode. All the cool spots, I'm very excited. Attitude Mode was good, This on the other hand is Perfect.
    Spear from Mania 22 2K14 Edition GIF (open)
    [​IMG] I got this little GIF right here, I love it!
  4. I like how they look different. Like the feel of the older ones look dingy and old and the newer ones are brighter and more vivid. It is like standard def and high-def.
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