New season of NXT debuts next week

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jun 13, 2012.

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  2. Very nice to know, have they found a network? If so, which one?
  3. I presume so and no idea. I'm hopping we can get NXT uploaders here personally.
  4. NXT is done to the WWEFanNation channel isn't it?
  5. I think it is. Well, I watch it on Youtube every thursday anyway, so the network is not a big difference.
  6. @[Seabs]
    The new season of NXT is filmed at the Full Sail University campus in Florida and features a lot more FCW talent and is suppose to air on TV instead since Vince wants it back on TV.


    Also I am so fucking hyped! Bring on the Ascension!
  7. I really enjoyed the final series when Maxine, Curtis,Bateman and Kaitlyn etc stepped up. It was a damn good WRESTLING show!
  8. Only Americans can watch. Us UK fags don't see it.
  9. The video player is via Hulu, with a load of ads and a really laggy video player. I usually wait until someone uploads it on Youtube with good quality.

    Somewhere, I read that they got an international deal, but will continue the online airing in the states. Don't know the details on that... and if I knew how to upload NXT, I would.
  10. So they'll continue the current NXT formula then? Having it on TV in Europe but on the net in the states.
  11. I just can't wait to watch it. JR, Regal, Rollins, Ambrose, Steamboat, Wyatt, Bo, Dusty... and I didn't even read the spoilers. :dawg:
  12. According to JR, it's exactly the same, but they are trying to find a US TV deal... in case anyone actually cares.
  13. Ambrose isn't on it ^^
  14. I'd like NXT to be on TV. Wouldn't make a difference for me since I'm not American, but it would be nice to know that a broader audience is watching a good show.


    My bad. He'll probably be on the main roster soon then.
  15. Yeah that's what it looks like. Rollins is on NXT though :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. Here's the list of wrestlers that performed in the first taping (no spoilers, but adding the tag just in case)

    Show Spoiler
    Derrick Bateman, Camacho, Kenneth Cameron, Jake Carter, Antonio Cesaro, Sofia Cortez, Johnny Curtis, Bo Dallas, Dante Dash, Mike Dalton, Alden English, Epico, Corey Graves, Jiro, Jason Jordan, Tyson Kidd, Leo Kruger, Jinder Mahal, Michael McGillicutty, Connor O'Brian, Kassius Ohno, Paige, Nick Rogers, Seth Rollins, R-Truth, Damien Sandow, Richie Steamboat, the Usos, Rick Victor, Bray Wyatt
  17. Seth is on? I'm watching, I love some Tyler Black. Hero and Claudio on the same show seems awesome also, they should interact at least.
  18. Seems good.
  19. Yeah this show seems to be based around awesome wrestling. The stage is set up similarly to TNA but it's all clean and cut. I honestly think this new NXT with Regal, JR etc will be a massive hit.
  20. I hope the crowd is good as well, the show seems like it'll be great from what I've heard.
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