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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Xanth, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. Was thinking about adding an Entertainment subforum to the locker room.

    Tell me what you think/feel/how you want to feel/ etc.
  2. Already said no, bellend.
  3. Not for me, less sections is better and adds a camaraderie to the board IMO.
  4. Yeah, because I listen to you. :pity1:
  5. I think it should be called entertainment as oppose to just leaving it as Video and music, with entertainment we get those such as movies, TV shows, and video games, even if Video and music was for entertainment, naming it such as entertainment would be simpler for those who are new to forums and looking for what sections to post movies and things such as that.
  6. Entertainment is better. Shocker, Xanth's idea is shit, who would've guessed?

    Still not going to happen yet though. R'Albin got it spot on.
  7. A suggestion I have is that Crayo removes his feces releaseing body part off of R'Albin's mating organ and then maybe we can get a fair vote, since I think everyone here should get a say on this.
  8. Entertainment is a better name. Gonna change.
  9. But I like it there :gusta:
  10. you're late, Xanth.
  11. I keep suggesting this, always get rejected. Suppose I'll keep requesting till it either gets added or.... :hmm:
  12. If you add it there really isn't that much left to discuss in the locker room.

    You should add a live discussion section though. Add all the RAWs, PPV's and stuff there, and we can also use it for live TV or streams.
  13. Isn't the locker room fine the way it is?
  14. No. The locker room is for that type of discussion.
  15. :GTFO:
  16. Shut up hippie
  17. Everyone agrees with Crayo. Stick to eating Xanth.

    Automated Message: Suggestion has been denied.
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