New Skin Color

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Omega Maniax, May 20, 2013.

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  1. I don't really like the blue that much anymore, I want it to change to like Red (no I'm not going all MP here but I want Red because I like Red better as a skin color) or maybe Pink (for Ziggler)
  2. I think Red and Black for Kane, or somthin' like that
  3. We had a thread by Crayo on deciding if we want a light or dark theme. Suggest it there.
  4. That is not what he is talking about. Less skim-reading is needed.
  5. I don't get it, you want the blue bits turning to red?
  6. Yeah, sorta like that.
  7. I like blue though
  8. How long have you guys had Blue?
  9. Since the new theme was introduced so say 6 months (I'm probably off on that but call it a guestimate)
  10. Ok, how many colors have you guys had?
  11. Two main themes, a red and cream one then the blue and black one.
  12. I just found the class theme, fairly switching back to the original one now though. </pointless>
  13. Ok, when do we think we get a new color?
  14. A year+

    Blue is sort of our thing here. Maybe we will change it up a bit though.
  15. Ok, I just want a new color.
  16. Blue is good for me, change it to the class theme for a change for a while...thats a bit lighter.
  17. Honestly I don't see the point, blue is our colour and we should maintain it. Those little things can make it unique from a visual standpoint which is pretty cool imo.
  18. Maybe sometimes, we could use other colors.
  19. I should like that.
  20. We have a certain visual style that we are known for. We shouldn't go changing in it. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. Like Aaron said, go to the class theme. Or the mobile version.
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