New Smilies

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Xanth, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Yeah, so I added new smilies.
    Feel free to test them all in here.
  2. :coolgun::censored::biggrin::stupids::walkman::weight_lift:

  3. I can not test them. Do not work on my phone :emoji_cry:
  4. :groupwave1::groupwave1::groupwave1::groupwave1::groupwave1::groupwave1::groupwave1::groupwave1::groupwave1::groupwave1:
  5. My favourite smiley right there.
  6. :groupwave1::groupwave::groupwave1::groupwave::groupwave1::groupwave::groupwave1::groupwave::groupwave1::groupwave:
  7. Even more new ones added:

    :banana: :kilt: :rofl: :laugh: :taz: :boat: :grill: :facepalm:

    Another couple I can't remember.
  8. You missed the tumble weed. :facepalm:.
  9. :boring: That too.
  10. :groupwave1:
  11. Awesome man. You should add the troll face smiles next. haha. Those are always a blast on forums.
  12. Haha if we find a small version of it I might just do that. Would come up in every post about Chris Jericho.
  13. Thanks haha, looks good :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. @[Suits] :troll:
  15. @[Xanth]

    I was about to make a troll thread about that "smily"

  16. It's a nice smiley.