News New Stable called Shoot Nation?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Nov 15, 2014.

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  1. I haven't seen the stable yet myself but I've read a tiny bit about 'em, it's like Chad Gable, Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton though.. The group wears USA themed amateur wrestling gear which plays into their amateur wrestling backgrounds. It looks like they are possibly going to be soon going by the name "Shoot Nation" I have no idea why like I said I haven't seen them yet but whatever NXT could use some stables I suppose!

    How do you all feel about the new stable as well as their projected name?
  2. Why shoot nation: Shoot = real fight/combat sport. All three have amateur wrestling credentials (all Americans, Gable was on the olympic squad if I remember right).
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  3. Well, NXT can make pretty much everything work, honestly. I don't see why not try.
  4. It's NXT home of great gimmicks that fail in the big stage! Basically what Leo C said. But things on the bigger stage fail hard.
  5. I'm pretty interested, haven't seen much from any of these guys as far so should be interesting.
  6. I'd be interested in them joining Brock's team if they're going to use that approach. It'd be a loose affiliation similar to a training camp in MMA. Keep Heyman as their manager and have them all work a similar style (lots of freestyle wrestling and ground and pound) and you could have an interesting concept.
  7. I just hope Gable gets some shine if that's the case. He's the current leader from what I understand of the house show reports. Dude's only been wrestling for about 4 months but has taken to it like a fish to water. Described as an improved Angle.
  8. Any idea how he's working so far? I'm assuming he's very suplex based, at least I hope so I do love a good variety of suplex.
  9. From what I have gathered he at least uses one as his/one of his finishers
  10. Big question what type? I still wanna see a chimeraplex hit.

  11. Replace the straight jacket with a German with a bridge and just have a rolling belly to back for the first one. So it rolls from belly to back to full nelson to a german with a bridge. As far as I know none of these are banned are they?
  12. I'm not really familiar with any of these guys, but I'm curious to see how this stable does. I am positive NXT will make this thing work, however... If the stable makes it to the flagship show, then good luck, boys... Nice knowing ya.
  13. Regular German with the ankle lock as a submission it seems for now
  14. I dislike him using the ankle lock if he's hitting the generic version if it's a sit down version I can see it working. It's too much of a homage to Kurt and Swagger is using a very similar base from the sounds of it.
  15. I assume he'll be switching it up once he hits NXT TV.
  16. I hope so, I wonder what he'd pick up. Maybe some kind of choke? No one is really using them are they? An arm triangle could work.
  17. I'd be up for the guillotine. He's a smallish dude so they could even do the variation with the receiver standing
  18. I'm a fan it can be hit from a few positions also plus it gives the option for some cool counters you can slam from it etc.
  19. Sounds like the perfect finisher then. WWE wants talent to have finishers that can be hit on anyone
  20. Saw some Angelo Dawkins clips the other day he looks aight, still haven't seen any Gable or Fulton vids though.
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