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  1. I know this stuff is all scripted, so is there a way to give ideas to the WWE ppl and make it happen.
  2. PM them to me I'll send it to Vince and get back to you later
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  3. If they are good enough, I can give you a contract with Ring of Honor and pay you 250$ per letter in the name.
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  4. ^Follow Roray. He'll make you into a star
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  5. Thanks babyboy.
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  6. Chant Daniel Bryan during the main event and see what happens.
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    Fans creating stars?

    But in all seriousness. We are not in any way affiliated with the WWE, we're just a fan forum.
    And WWE's website states that they don't accept fan written stories or ideas, they just throw them in the trash.

    Hope that helps.
  8. Stop trolling new members.

    Yeah we accept recommendations, PM me.
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