New T-Shirt for Miz

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 14, 2013.

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  2. I'd wear it. It's a nice design and kind of witty.
  3. The back of the shirt couldn't be more wrong. :pity1:
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  4. Love the shirt personally.
  5. I really dont like it, The design is bad and I hate how he say about haters as an excuse for people hating on him because he is some MTV idiot gone crappy wrestler. Rant over.
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  6. The shirt is something I would wear to like a Soccer Game, but not to the movies... get my vibe?
  8. What a ****.
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  9. "Embrace The Hate'" :pity1:
  10. [​IMG]
  11. I like the Miz's shirts, he is one of those people that always seem to create the shirts you would happily wear at TNA and not even give a fuck lol. But I don't get it? Is he a heel again?
  12. Nah, he just wants "haters" for some reason. It's meant to be witty lol.
  13. Oh ok
  14. Probably trying to get Cena type heat.
  15. Yeah I saw the shirt last night and I like it.I think it's one of those shirts to me, that I would rock it and forget it's a Wrestling shirt because it has a good message, to embrace the haters in life.
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  16. #WiseHoHo
  17. I assume it has something to do with being a face. Since he turned face, people are suppose to like him, thus he is losing haters. And it's the cool thing to have haters, and it's sarcasm towards the people who hate him already. It's still a great shirt, better then anything, let's say Mr Perfect ever though of. :true:
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    :jesse: come at me Senhor
  18. Yea, who are the people 'starting to like him' ?

    If anything he lost some fans with his face turn.
  19. Miz doesn't need to ask for haters.

  20. 1 Mr.Perfect vignette > The Miz's existence on this planet, that is all.
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