New Tag-Team Feud Boiling

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Lady Deathbane, May 4, 2013.

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  1. So, WWE went with Ambrose and Rollins being the tag team to feud with Hell No. Are you happy with this? Do you think there could have been a better combination? Do you think Ambrose and Rollins will defeat Hell No and take the titles? What do you think is next for Roman Reigns? Would Reigns be a background guy or would he have his own feud going on? Do you think Undertaker will get involved in this feud somehow? Do you even like this feud at all?
  2. I knew that was a plausible combination, the other being Reigns and Rollins (they balance each other nicely because one is athletic and quick and the other just sheer brute force.) Ambrose and Reigns was the one combination I couldn't imagine. With Ambrose and Rollins, Roman Reigns can be the Diesel-like bodyguard on the outside who attacks Kane and Bryan everytime they get thrown on the outside... And all the same, he'll probably be thrown out and ordered to go to the back as soon as the referee suspects he attacked one of them, not unlike Diesel was back in the day.

    I hope they win the titles, of course.
  3. Pretty much what I expected honestly. Don't think Reign will have his own angle though.
  4. I've said this before, I think Reigns is basically going to be their bodyguard for matches.
  5. Nor really like this. I think having Ambrose alone would have been better. But I'm okay. Just freebird the damn titles
  6. Hope they do the Freebird rule but yeah I'm okay with Rollins/Ambrose being tag champs. But either one of the three could easily go after a midcard title if WWE is trying to have all three hold belts. I think they're gonna go that route since they gave the US title to Kofi so randomly.
  7. Didn't you say you were sure it would be someone + Reigns, lol. I remember saying it's most likely going to be Ambrose/Rollins because of similar size, etc.

    Anyway, I'm not too pleased with this, as I wanted Ambrose to be the guy who breaks and go on his own. But, hey, they're on a PPV, I'm not going to complain. Reigns will probably get the singles push.
  8. Disagree his match with Kane showed he needs some more seasoning before being the lone man, this will help him whilst covering up his weaknesses (slow offence, his match flow etc)

    The one other idea I liked was having Dean as the mouth piece of Seth and Roman with Dean only working the 6 man tags / dark matches to improve on his in ring performance but this works just as well.
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  9. I actually really like that combo. It makes so much sense. :hmm:
  10. I wish it had been Ambrose/Reigns instead, but I think Ambrose/Rollins could work out well. Anything involving The Shield is something I can get behind :otunga:
  11. Not if I can get behind them first. :ksi:
  12. No I want to get behind them first! :angry:
  14. I'd rather just get behind the both of you, one at a time. :ksi:
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