New Taker incarnation

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JC4Life37, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. American Bad A**

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  2. Big Evil

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  3. Deadman

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  4. A new incarnation completely

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  1. Personally I want to see this guy back....

    This is not ABA Taker, so don't even think that it is

    The guy in that video will take Trips out... make HHH cry worse than Orton did in '09

    Let's be fair, who do you want to see back?
  2. No Dead Man Undertaker is WAY BETTER THEN BIG EVIL Undertaker!
  3. I want Old Man Taker. He walks to the ring with a cane and hits HHH with it and says 'get off my lawn!!'
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  4. Sweet ... repped... except if he's so old, why not drive a car to the ring and literally crash it?

    Why bother walking at all? Just hop in the Crown Victoria, bypass the handicap zone and make HHH famous?

    I win, Taker wins and most importantly I win
  5. If not a Crown Vic he can roll out in one of these [​IMG]
    maybe go back to his Kid Rock theme. 'Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin'

  6. See, Dolph, you just don't get it

    You think Undertaker will attract the Miami retirees,

    you know... those Pedora :cool: sporting, white velcro shoe wearing chess playing has beens

    while Undertaker rolls his "corpse" to the ring...That's not gonna happen Dolph....Stop getting my hopes up...

    "The Shovel" doesn't want a cane match... He won't agree to it

    The more you suggest 'that,' the more I believe it will actually happen...

    Stop giving Vincent good ideas, stop adding fuel the fire... "Cocoon" had its time

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  7. American Baldass.
  8. Basically theres not much difference beween Big Evil and American Bad Ass Taker.
    I would prefer to see the Dead Man Taker hopping now and then, but i liked his first dead man theme better. His Ministry of Darkness theme was good too, a Ministry of Darkness Taker wouldnt be bad, teamed with Kane, Big Show and John Cena maybe?
  9. Clearly, Taker and Kane had this figured before any of us did;

    Kane has his lettuce back, so Taker cut off his, now....

    The Undertaker is gonna steal Kane's do; he's gonna go half & half

    It's so obvious. It will be cut to about the middle of his dome, then, its all fuzz.... genius... Ashes are thicker than water
  10. Brand new gimmick yo - The Underwig.
  11. Nice, and the beat goes on
  12. Nothing for me will beat his deadman persona, I'm really pissed that he might stop using it with the hair gone and all. It's part of what made Taker really mysterious and the streak prestigious. You really couldn't predict what he was going to do.
  13. I semi-agree. His deadman gimmick in my opinion was his best ever and it's what he'll be most remembered by, but it's time to freshen it up.
  14. Yeah he was still unpredictable as Big Evil or American Badass.
  15. *bong*


    I used to love hearing that...
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  16. I would actually like to see Big Evil back. Or ABA Taker. But I'll take whatever I can get.

    Just so long as HHH doesn't bring out the shovel at Mania, I'm happy.


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  17. Liked!
  18. If there's one person HHH can't bury, its the Undertaker.

    You can't bury a deadman who is alive.

  19. No, but you can bury whatever else Taker 'cuts off' from here on out
  20. HHH could bury the earth's core, don't underestimate him, it makes him stronger.
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