New text editor.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Roadster, Apr 30, 2016.

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  1. How do you insert pictures and save drafts.

  2. Pictures can be drag and dropped, or click the insert image button. (2nd row, 4 in)
    Drafts are saved automatically and restored once you visit the thread again.
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  3. There is no insert image button when trying to insert one into your signature.
  4. That's fixed now.
    So, this new editor is better you think?
  5. Yeah. Detailed.

    Was kind of confusing but it's easy to adjust to.
  6. I can add lots more stuff too. Only giphy button is missing right now, but I'll add that when I figure out how.
  7. I'm diggin' the new text editor. The only thing it's missing is them cool fonts.
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    - Why do images appear so small?

    - Also, if drafts are saving automatically, why does it ask if you want to leave without saving. Everytime you go to a different page.
  9. Images should be sized properly now. You can also click the image and resize how you like.


    Now you won't be prompted to leave the page, just know that drafts expire after 20 minutes.
  10. Ok thanks. Sorry for the hassle.
  11. Not at all, keep it all coming.
  12. Disabling it until a few things are fixed. I like it a lot and it should be here to stay.
  13. Them new fonts are back! :yay:
  14. Spell check doesn't work. Just something I noticed
  15. Yo, boss.

    Will the new text editor feature some of these cool fonts (Merienda, Fredoka One, Rock Salt) once it's back?
  16. That's why it's disabled for now, can't get that working.
  17. Your browser should be spell checking.
  18. Ah, bummer.
  19. CMB wants his damn fonts. lol.
  20. Damn straight. :smug:
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