New theme song for Wade Barrett!

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zamorakian, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. We do not know it yet, but this was posted on Wade Barretts twitter like one minute ago:


    I'm curious..who's too?
  2. Omg I want to hear this.
  3. Can not wait to hear it. New music always makes me buzz.
  4. When a superstar's entrance music is good to listen to during a workout, than I'm expecting it to be AWESOME!
  5. Seems like you were wrong there Crayo about him trolling the fans? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. He meant his new theme as in the shitty ass theme he debuted at the Rumble

    it's fucking horrible. I went from a WB mark to officially hating his ass until he changes it. Suck my dick Wade, I'm glad Orton owned your ass last week
  7. I just lol'd.

    From now on when he enters, I'll have my laptop play End of Days over his theme.
  8. i'm one of the few...the few... who does not dig 'Cult of Personality'

    The song makes me cringe, considering he came off the heels of arguably the greatest theme in wrestling history

    So cheesy, 80's.... it sounds like the theme song for Growing Pains...*cringes further*

    Guys should be careful, cause a song can suck ba**s even if it is catchy
  9. I like his new theme song but it NOT for him it sound to much like a Face Song then a Heel Song I think he should stay with his old 1 but that just me.
  10. That's the bottom line.. whether you like the song/theme or not (personally I find it atrocious, but that's me) nobody thinks it suits his character at all.

    How he thinks it does is beyond me.
  11. I agreed, I made a thread on it and was completely outnumbered haha. CM Punk's theme is still good, it's better than most - but his previous theme was one of the best themes in history.
  12. CM Punk walking out to "Cult of Personality" is bad.

    Randy Orton walking out "The Fire Burns" was inexcusable

    Never at any point, should Randy Orton ever walk out to "The Fire Burns" again

    Randy could light himself on fire... run to the ring... climb to the turnbuckle and it still wouldn't fit him
  13. Never knew he even used that theme, wow.
  14. It would fit Legacy as a group, but not just Orton.
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