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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jul 31, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]

    - TNA announced today that they have signed an American war hero Chris Melendez to a multi-year deal.

    Melendez is a former Army Sergeant who joined the military at the age of 17 following the events of September 11th, served in Afghaanistan and returned home as a single-leg amputee after injuries suffered from an IED with twenty-three days left of his deployment.

    He was awarded the Purple Heart and is a member of Wounded Warrior Project. Still known in the locker room as “Sarge”, Melendez is set to make his debut for the company during the August 5-7 TV tapings at New York City’s legendary Manhattan Center.

    In 2012, Melendez entered Team 3D Academy of Professional Wrestling in Florida where he trained day-in and day-out under the tutelage of Bully Ray and Devon.​
  2. Well this is going to be interesting.
  3. I'm thinking another war veteran in TNA, Gunner, should be very happy about this.

    A new tag team, or hmm maybe even the first feud could be between them. Not everything is black and white.
  4. Zach Gowen 2.0 is he Ashley skilled or was he hired for his backstory?
  5. Surprising that they would still sign guys despite the TV deal shenanigans but hey, if he can go, I'm happy. Welcome to the roster, lad. I can see Shaw kicking his ass to get some heat when he splits up with Gunner eventually (if that happens).
  6. How is that exactly? Gowen didn't have prosthetic leg like Melendez does. Gowen isn't a war vet like this guy is. And I'm sure as hell they won't be booked even near the same. So, all things considered, I don't think you're right.

    And about actual skills of this dude, I don't know. He's been training in Team 3D wrestling school since mid 2012.
  7. Alight, alright, I was just making a joke. Keep your panties on :phew:
  8. Ok, I was already preparing my penis for your anus.
  9. Interesting signing by TNA here, especially it being a multi-year deal.
  10. Zach Gowen 2.0 guaranteed

    I have a feeling we'll be seeing THIS again [​IMG]
  11. Very interesting. Looking forward to seeing how the guy does in the ring, especially after training about two years with them.
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  12. How does that differ from any other day? :idk:
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  13. Is there an easier feel good rise up the ranks than this guy's story? He looks the part too can he work?
  14. Whoa what? I'm curious as hell to see how he wrestles.
  15. DKJames has a better sig than you @Testify
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  16. but I have a bigger cockmaster
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. but is it AWWWWWWWWWWWESOME!?
  19. No, it's lovely jobely
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