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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Breadrun, Sep 5, 2015.

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  1. Hey everyone

    Sorry if this has been asked before but I've got a few questions about the universe as I am a late newcomer, I mean I used to watch as a kid but I've only recently got into it and when I say into it I mean I'm addicted! I'm even watching total divas haha but hey them girls are stunning so why not?

    Anyways my questions are

    Does WWE have a break? Or is it literally 24/7 365 days a year?

    As a UK fan the only episodes available to me on the telly are RAW, SMACKDOWN, MAIN EVENT and all the pay per views, I'm still trying to figure out what the difference concept to each is so maybe someone can help me out, for instance sometimes when watching an episode I will see what I saw on the Monday on the Friday but with added bit, I don't really follow the main event because it lacked the storylines that I like but since it's called main event I would take it that it's a main part of the universe?

    Anyways sorry again but after following it for a few weeks I just wanted clarification
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  2. Hey, welcome.

    WWE is never on a break. Raw is every Monday, SmackDown is every Thursday, and PPV's are monthly - always on a Sunday.

    Raw is where storylines progress mostly and big matches happen, SmackDown not so much.
    Main Event is a pre-recorded event, nothing major happens. The big one to watch is Raw.
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  3. Haha that's good to hear! I did read that wrestlers are on the road constantly but I didn't realise they meant literally, Cheers for clearing that up but it's still confusing haha, for instance SMACKDOWN had more info on the whole lana and summer rae love triangle this week with the miz TV show, I guess it is worth watching both but like you said main event bored me :emoji_wink:
  4. Hey-yo. Welcome to the forums, mate! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  5. Good to see a new member.

    RAW is where storylines are built, and progressed. Nothing really shocking happens at RAW, but it's best to watch since it's Live.
    SmackDown is a secondary show, mostly filled with wrestling matches, rather than storyline progression.
    Main Event is a recap show/with a couple matches fixed in.
    Superstars is a recap show with a match fixed in.
    PPVs are where storylines have a blow off. They either end, start or continue storylines. They usually have surprises and title matches. Major PPVs are Royal Rumble, WrestleMania (Biggest of the Year) Summer Slam (Second Biggest of the Year) and Survivor Series.

    You can go to to watch previous wrestling events. And independent wrestling as well. Contact the boys in blue for moderator help and the men in orange for administrator help. You can contact me for help and such too.
  6. Let's hope you stick around since you are new to it! Haha, don't mind me, longtime fan that's seen many stray. I think everyone else covered it well, but the main shows are really RAW and SD. And of course PPVs. You won't miss much if you don't watch Main Event, but if you really enjoy watching the wrestling aspect and are that hooked it can be enjoyable, if a little repetitive.

    You guys don't get "Superstars" in the UK? Same thing as Main Event though really.

    And I watch Total Divas as well. I enjoy it. I'm anticipating the episode where Tyson Kidd got hurt to air soon. Natty will be a mess lol. And where else are you going to hear Brie Bella use the word poop multiple times lmao. I can die happy now.
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