Movies New Transformers? Jobtastic that's what it is.

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  1. Too many special effects, even for a huge Transformers mark like me. Mark wasn't as funny as Shia and I didn't feel as emotionally attached to him as a character. The "hot girl" wasn't really hot at all compared to the last two they had. They don't address the fucking inconceivable amount of humans that actually died. You constantly saw people flying out of cars and shit and no one gave a fuck - unrealistic.

    The plot was pretty shit as well. The CIA found out that he found Optimus by his friend -- who dies very early in the film and is a proper retard -- calling them in after being asked not to? Great one. Suddenly they can MAKE other transformers even without the spark -- something a whole film was based around (Megatron wanted that shit).

    Fuck you Michael Bay.
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  2. So then business as usual for the WOAT movie franchise
  3. How can you make more Transformers without the spark??? WTF? That's like grade school Transformers shit right there. :facepalm:
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