New Triple H Shirt

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    Quite a nice shirt actually. I guess this implies he will be feuding with Taker, and appearing regularly :verysad:.

    Still waiting for the shovel shirt.
  2. It looks like some cheap knock off of a heavy metal bands top imo. I would however buy that shovel shirt.
  3. I don't like it either.
  4. :undecided:
  5. The shirt is ight. How do i put a GIF as my signature? or in general how do i edit my signature
  6. I think you need 10 posts. Then just go to your user CP and edit signature.
  7. Yep what seabs said. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Reason why is it prevents spam bots signing up just to put their links in their signatures.
  8. If he didn't try so hard to be cool. LOL

    Shucks, I like the shirt, but there something so un-cool about HHH

    Triple H is that un-cool Uncle that's 50 and still trying to act cool

    Triple H is like Charlie Sheen, except un-cool and without the drugs and chicks. LOL Other than that... dead ringer
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  9. Liked.

    Laughed quite hard there I must say.
  10. I don't really like the shirt but that's just my opinion.
  11. Do you mean the t-shirt?
  12. Hmm, I can't say it is a cool shirt.
    I liked the ones that he wore around 2009, i guess it was a white one with a full print from the front to the back. That was a kick **s shirt!
  13. Sorry, yeah I mean't shirt. Thanks for pointing that out.
  14. I remember that one, I loved it.
  15. Me too, that was a shirt that showed THE GAME. Haha. But this shirt, well I hope that HHH is not going to wear it.
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  16. Very nice shirt.
  17. I actually like the shirt.
  18. The Shovel shirt would be awesome. ;-)
  19. :hehe::hehe:
  20. :hehe: Haha, that would be epic. I'd actually buy that.