New Trophies?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Aydind, May 12, 2013.

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    2 - Stalker - You have a Stalker watch out. (This pretty much means you gained 1 follower)
    5 - Chitty Chatty - Someone who posts a lot in the Main discussion forums. (Site announcements and professional wrestleing.)
    5 - Jokester - Back stage forums
    10 - Time flies! - A month being registered.
    10 - Has encouraged - 50 followers.
    10 - Grammar Nazi - Someone who is very articulated and is seen using proper grammar and spells words correctly.
    15 - Moderator post on your profile - A Moderator post on your profile.
    20 - Administrator posted on you profile - An Administrator posted on your profile.
    20 - Reporter - Someone who is a constant reporter for a period of time.
    20 - Stickied - One of your threads has been stickied, well done!
    30 - Groupies... Groupies EVERYWHERE! - 100 followers you have a fan club.
    30 - Look at me - You have 5,000 post on a single thread.
    40 - Project out - You have made a suggestion and it has been added.
    100 - What's a post? - 10,000 post wow a awesome contributor.
    150 - Even Google isn't helpful - 10,000 views on a single thread.
    300 - Everyone likes you - You received 2,500 likes.
    600 - In your base stealing you likes - 5,000 likes.
    1000 -What's a likes? Your content received 10,000 likes. Did you cheat?

    Your thoughts? (The grammar nazi, jokester, reporter, and chitty chatty should message a admin about it and show proof why they deserve it)

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  2. Why'd you tag Cloud? lmao
  3. See what he think about them.
  4. I like these suggestions to be honest. I just want some more user input.
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  5. We need some for $10k, $25k, $50k and $100k forum cash as well :emoji_wink:

    Good suggestions though.
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  6. Lol did you not know I'm in charge?

    On topic can someone change the txt colour? As on my mobile and can't see white txt? Thanks guys.
  7. Some moderator! Post on my profile, quickly!
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  8. Cheers Crayo.

    Also Aydind (inb4 tag fail)
    Some great suggestions there, I'm sure Crayo will approve a few of those as trophies are a nice thing to collect and achieve as you visit the site.

    Great user already btw. So much win.
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  9. I like these trophies :obama:
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  10. Thanks for the support everyone! Special thanks to you cloud.
    Glad you do!
  11. No probs bud. Great to see you enjoying the site.
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    I'm loving it.
    Crayo You think your going to add them?
  13. We'll likely add a lot of them yeah. I have given the task to Xanth.
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  14. Just to warn Aydind with Xanth doing this it could take anything up to 6 months and chances of it breaking the site are 90%.
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  15. Gohan deserves the grammar nazi one. Followed by BITW
  16. Really? I use to have my own site it only took a day for me to put it up...
  17. Lol no not at all. Just banter to wind up Xanth.
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  18. I was thinking how crap 6 months. :wtf:
  19. Added a few of them
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