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    TNA will be taping Impact Wrestling TV and One Night Only PPVs in Bethlehem, PA on 9/16 through 9/19.

    These will be the final tapings prior to Bound For Glory and episodes taped will air on Spike TV on 10/2 and 10/9. BFG is on 10/12 on PPV.

    Originally, they had planned to tape at The Manhattan Center but the decision was made to go with Bethlehem, which the company absolutely loved the last time they ran there this past mid-June.​
  2. Bethlehem was a hot crowd, I approve. They should make the Ballroom shows feel a bit more special, and this helps (by the way, amazing how when they run the good markets stuff is actually good lol).
  3. Sounds good, hopefully the crowd is good like it previously was and we get to see the almighty big screen (forgot it's name, lol) so I can mark out super hard for The Bro-Mans when I see the fist pump on the screen. I also expect to see them take the time to confirm matches at BFG. Please, TNA, give us Roode vs Lashley for the WHC so I can mark out for Champion Roode for the very first time (when I started watching, Aries beat his ass at Destination X, haha... Aries was/still is the man) and also I'd like to see more beast never before seen matches from TNA like:

    Samuel Shaw, Gunner, Abyss and Mr. Anderson vs British Steel and The Bro-Mans - Elimination tag match
    MVP vs Eric Young - Steel Cage match to decide #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship
    Samoa Joe (c) vs Kenny King vs Austin Aries vs Low Ki - X-Division title match
    Gail Kim (c) vs Havok vs Taryn Terrell

    I mean, I'm enjoying TNA's current product since Slammiversary and have become so emotionally invested in some of the storylines that the above matches would pretty much make a good BFG for me (along with the obvious other matches ft. more guys from Wrestle-1, cough cough) even if I can watch it free on Challenge TV in UK. But still. BFG has so much potential.
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  4. The Rock spent formative years in Bethlehem; a little known tidbit
  5. Advertised for the Betlehem, PA tapings:

    * World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Lashley
    * Director of Wrestling Operations, Kurt Angle
    * Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim
    * Jeff Hardy
    * Bobby Roode
    * James Storm
    * MVP

    Expectedly, Bully Ray is not being advertised for any September TNA shows. :S
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