New Undertaker Picture.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 14, 2012.

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    So for those who didn't believe me when I said he was bald, where are you?
  2. Oh my god what has happened, Taker you son of a b*tch.

    Oh one thing, you didn't say anything, dirt sheets did. And I believe most believed that he was bald.
  3. I said it on here, no one believed. Apart from seabs I think. It was painfully obvious he was wearing a wig on his first appearance back...

    Anyway, he's looking v old.
  4. He is old, Bitch!
  5. he's still massive but at hte same time he is a shell of what he used too be in the 1990's
  6. Couldn't even tell it was him at first. Looks so different and so old. I'm pretty sure that he'll be retiring this year.
  7. I still think he's a once a year guy. After this years WM, it'll be hard for Vince to top the card in the modern era.

    Unless Rock appears again (which still won't draw AS MUCH as it will this time) he needs something else. Cena vs Taker and Punk vs Austin is the matches that will do that.
  8. I'd hate to see Undertaker lose his streak because he was too old/weak.
  9. put the wig back on taker
  10. Kane is using it currently.
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  11. Huh? EVERYONE said he was wearing a wig in the thread I was posting in (can't remember what site I was on watching that Raw though)
  12. Now, it makes wanna see Undertaker's entrance for this year's Wrestlemania. When he takes that hood off...
  13. Agreed Hoss its going to be interesting.
  14. He's coming out in a bandana and on a motorcycle obviously
  15. That explains why Mania is only 4 hours this year #NeedsToHurryHisAssToTheRing
  16. LoL yea #Needstoputapepinhisstep
  17. That's what I want also but I think he might just come with the hood on and after he's on the ring, takes off his hood and shows off that bald head.
  18. lol, liked.

    On another note. He looks ANCIENT in that pic. I feel kinda bad. I don't know why. He's got to be broken by now. Wonder what his biggest contract was...
  19. Trollol he'll die in the cell for real if trips does stupid shirt in the ring
  20. I'd say throw him off the top of the Hell in the Cell but they don't open those doors..
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