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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by ~Leo, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Hello And Welcome To My first Thread
    I posted This Thread To Say Am The New Uploader Of WWEFORUMS
    I will Upload All WWE Shows And Post Them In their Categories
    My Youtube Channel And Please Subscribe : Youtube.Com/WrestlePremium :emoji_grin: : D​

  2. Always happy to have more uploaders. What's your speedtest btw?
  3. It Is 50 Mbps Download 42.8 Upload :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Jonathan vs Leo

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  5. Awesome. If possible, I think you should do HD uploads. I usually do those but I can't for another 2 months so it'd be nice if you could do that.

    If you're gonna do PPVs, do it on Dailymotion only.
  6. Ahh Sory Aout HD Cant My pc Sucks At HD Uploading I will be Uploading HD In 10 days as am gettin new internet speed and new 8 gb ram pc And Ppv's I will upload them @ Dailymotion Only i Understand it Thanks For The Advice Bro :emoji_slight_smile: :emoji_grin:


    And Sorry i forgot Am Uploading NXT Now HDTV :emoji_grin:


    It's Another Version Than Jonathan's So we Can Have More versions
  7. Bitch please.

    My uploading level is over 9000.
    This guy on the other hand, less than 1.
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  8. Jesus, whereabouts do you live?

    I'm lucky to get 3mbits for upload where I live :O
  9. Welcome Leo. :otunga:
  10. it's a leo party
  11. #LeoMasterRace
  12. You killed it and buried it.

  13. Just because you're not the WWE champion, be honest you've always been jealous of me and my title.
  14. :true: :jeritroll::finger:
  15. Hope to see some great uploads from you then or else I will kill you :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. Hey :dawg: welcome, and don't let anybody bother you. They are just crazy. :pity:
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