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  1. Well, as you could see in Raw, Kofi won the US title and that may not like everyone, I personally think it was better to see Cesaro as champion but he still have the rematch so...

    Will Cesaro win his rematch?

    Will they start a feud?

    How long do you see Kofi as champion?

    How long do you want Kofi as champion?
  2. Moved to RAW since it is about a RAW star. Please try and keep your threads in the correct section.
  3. Kofi will win the rematch and that will likely be the end of it w/ Cesaro moving up the card. Will they feud? This was the feud. Kofi wins on SD, Raw & one last match. That's it,. that's the feud.
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  4. Honestly would have guessed that Kofi/Cesaro were SD guys.
  5. Cesaro is Smackdown. Kofi is Raw according to the roster on
  6. Will Cesaro win his rematch?
    -Probably not

    Will they start a feud?
    -I don't think so

    How long do you see Kofi as champion?
    -A couple of months

    How long do you want Kofi as champion?
    -It's already been too long
  7. Ok, I posted it in the wrong section because now brands are supposed to not exist and it's a WWE title so I thought this was the right section...
  8. I'm sure he will be on SD more often now since he has the SD Mid Card Belt.

    Point being don't scold noobs for not knowing the brand divide when WWE never follows it anymore.
  9. The US belt is the RAW midcard belt isn't it?
  10. Oh man, so damn true...
  11. Your asking me?

    I doubt WWE knows
  12. I think it was, most of the US title matches took place on Raw I think... Also before the brands were one at least it was Raw's midcard belt
  13. [​IMG]

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  14. My only problem with Kofi is he's so often made to be the jobber in matches, so with that being said, I don't think he'll be United States Champion for long. I think the match between him and Cesaro was good but I don't see a long rivalry coming from this. I'm sure Cesaro will move on to other championships and change his gimmick. I'm not sure who Kofi will feud with next but I don't think his reign will last long.
  15. Yes it is. It can all be checked on It goes by whichever superstar has it though, so if a Raw superstar has the belt it's a Raw belt, if a Smackdown superstar has it, it's a Smackdown belt. Currently Raw has, WWE Championship, World Heavyweight championship, United States championship, and the tag team championships. Smackdown only has the Intercontinental championship, and the Diva's championship. Of course the brand split doesn't truly exist anymore, but still divides them as so.
  16. I wouldn't be surprised if Caesro won the rematch on Smackdown or Raw next week. Would be the same thing they did with Miz/Barrett at Wrestlemania and the night after with switching the title and then back.

    If not, then it's possible that Kofi would move onto a feud with Jack Swagger after he eats the pinfall at Extreme Rules. Swagger wants to win the US Championship to show people what a TRUE United States Champion is, and how a guy from Jamaica or wherever (cue the racist promos) doesn't deserve to hold a title of that name. Meanwhile, Caesro will probably win the Intercontinental Championship after Barrett drops it to someone. The IC Title is technically higher on the totem pole than the US Title so in WWE's eyes, it would be considered a "step up" for him.
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  17. Re: RE: New US champion

    Well, if you use that argument Dolph won't be champ long. :emoji_grin:
  18. Yeah I can see this happening. Especially as Swagger reportedly only didn't get the WHC because of the DUI he had. That was a dirt sheet report but it's plausible.
  19. I smell that he will retain it and about feud of R-Truth & Wade, Truth will get the IC and those buddy holds the IC & US Title. :emoji_slight_smile:
  20. It sucks. Not that I don't like Kofi, and I'm not even that mad about Cesaro's reign ending tbh, but it's pointless. Kofi just goes from midcard champ to jobber to midcard champ with the same character for years and nothing ever changes.
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