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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Danielson, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. Looking for a good forum where i can talk about wrastlin'. Have little to no friends who enjoy this form of sports entertainment so looking for an outlet to chat it up. :-)
  2. Hey, how you doin? :pity:
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  3. I'm doing good just watched smackdown recorded because unfortunately i am still in college and had class till 1030 haha. How are you?
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  4. Good.
    Too bad we have to watch Sheamful Vs Big Slow.

    (I am hoping you are not a fan of their's, if not... I take it back.:dawg:)
  5. Ha i'm not of shamus but Big Show is a great guy. I'm mainly a Daniel Bryan/Ziggler/Punk Supporter... ya know the guys that can wrastle lol
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  6. Big Show is a great guy.
    Good eye for talent though.
    You'll enjoy this site for sure. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  7. Thank you for the kind words! Can't wait for RAW!
  8. Kid, you're going to be the next big thing :smug1: The Heartbreak Kid welcomes you to the forum, you'll fit in well here, hope you enjoy your time here dude.
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  9. Thanks man. Can't wait to talk during ppvs and the shows and see what everyone gets out of the matches. I'm more into in ring ability than the storylines but man, The Daniel Bryan and Kane bits get me going lol
  10. :haha: One of the best things that has happened to the tag team division yet, glad it happened so the division is now being fixed. And we talk during the live shows, when the day of wrestling comes they'll be a banner that'll link you to the live discussion so you can watch wrestling with us, and if you need a link PM any of us and you'll get one to the show. We also do it for Impact Wrestling and Pay-Per-Views, so you can always chat with us while you watch :yay: And with all the commercials there are, we always discuss a lot :pity:
  11. No i am not at all, I have my reasons but I am from an Area where Ring Of Honor goes so I watch them as much as possible. I was able to see Punk and Bryan in 2004 before they were ever in the E! Do you like TNA? ROH?


    LOL sounds good because generally i will record the first 45 min and just start from there to avoid them! Now i have something to do during those breaks! Thank you !:yes:


    Oh btw i Totally Nerded out when i seen a Daniel Bryan Yes smiley haha might overuse that
  12. My husband did a show with d-bry before he was famous.

    He got to have dinner with Mick Foley too :sad:
  13. Is your husband a wrestler??? Also Mrs. Foleys' baby boy???? Lucky man! I met Bryan Danielson and have a picture with him. I'm sure your husband knows how easy it was to get pics and autographs with those guys in the independents.
  14. Yeah he wrestles, not as much as he use to though. He wrestled with d-bry when he was the dragon whatever. lol He said he was a cool guy and Foley is like the nicest guy in the business he ever met.
  15. Way cool!
  16. OMGOSH! He just told me he did one with Sexton Hardcastle....

    AKA EDGE!!!!!!
  17. Wowzers!! Ask him if he met Colt??


    I was maybe 9 when ol' sexton was struttin' around the great lakes so I never seen that haha
  18. No Colt, but he met Koko Beware though... He was walking around with no pants LOL & Tracy Smothers he hung out with a lot.
  19. Man, That is awesome. Needless to say he is a lucky man.
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