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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. why? something to do with the board change I would assume?
  2. Crayo promoted his site on the XenForo Forum, so I'm assuming from there or another Wrassling Forum.
  3. Crayola is in the process of buying another rasslin' forum and merging it with this one. Hasn't happened yet, but the members from there are now posting on here.
  4. Sounds great, I'm really, errr, happy about all this!

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  5. Bro, keep calm and drink beer :hogan:
  6. the average age of the other wrestling forum Crayo raided seems to be about 12 years old.

    insert BHR joke here
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  7. What's the problem with a growing userbase? It's more people to discuss wrestling at the end of the day and isn't that why we're here?
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  8. Crayo = JeebaK? :robbie:
  9. Have you seen their posts :pity:
  10. Some of them, Fire Ant seems chill, Adam seems the same some of them have different opinions but as members I don't hate them, as this site grows opinions will diversify.
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  11. We have a bunch of badass smarks who I love to chat with. Adding diversity ie marks doesn't tickle my fancy.
  12. Can I tickle your fancy?
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  13. Did you get moved back a UID Xanth?
  14. I believe you meant to ask "May I tickle your fancy" because obviously you are physically capable of tickling my fancy, it is a matter of if I would let you or no.

    btw the answer is a starch "yes"
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  15. Yeah, was pretty annoying. Think everyone did.

    <3 u :ksi:
  16. I'm still on 17 :hmm:
  17. Too late for Hoss joke. R Albin is your pedo now.
  18. Not to fond of some of these new members, tbh.
    Then again no one likes me either.


    And is it just me or is like every new members 12-14?
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  19. Nice to know, I guess my birth certificate is wrong when it says I was born in 1996...
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  20. Do you know what the word 'average' means, slick?