New vignette for Hardy returning as Willow

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  1. What do you guys think of the vignette and Hardy returning as Willow? For me, the vignette was typically awful. I'm never a fan of TNA vignettes as they look like they've been produced by a bunch of school kids. As for the gimmick, I'll give it a chance as I liked him during his anti-Christ run.
  2. lame vignette. lame gimmick. lame wrestler. Shut the doors.
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  3. Looks like shit... not impressed at all. Like watching a trailer for a corny stupid horror b-movie.
  4. Really though, what does it take to impress you guys, the thing looks lame, but when you listen closely you get more i intrigued.
  5. I didn't not understand one word in the video now or last night while watching the show, lol.

    Hopefully it isn't terrible when it debuts on TV.
  6. Can anyone post any decent TNA vignettes? I really feel like this is an area they lack any sort of talent in.
  7. I'm the only one who's excited for this? Alright.......
  8. Does this count?

  9. Jef Hardy shouldnt even bothering returning he should go back to WWE
  10. I'm pretty psyched, I hope the weirdly edited voice vignettes stop but I'm always down for some Hardy action!
  11. what was wrong with just plain old jeff hardy?
  12. Not a fan of this lol. Trying way too hard to be "creeeeeeepy!". Meh
  13. It looks like someone tried to play with Sony Vegas too much.
  14. I would welcome him back, but for the love of god keep the microphone away from him.
  15. Someone's been watching too many tim burton movies
  16. I wish Jeff Hardy would kill you and then kill himself. Such a win/win.
  17. Honestly, I didn't mind Hardy too much when he just got in the ring and fought. This is just seems like Hardy trying way too hard to be creepy, one of the TNA producers decided to play with all of the effects and as a result my ears hurt.
  18. who edited this post?

    @Crayo you son of a bitch
  19. huh
  20. That was annoying as fuck. Soooo glad my headphones were turned up so high when I started it. Like I don't have to worry about old man hearing as it is. I agree with D'Z on this one
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