New WWE Couple

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Not the best pic for Tamina there, lol.
  2. She's dating Cena?
  3. Was waiting for that.
  4. :LAUGH: You said it ain't her best pic, but it could be a troll attempt. :umad:
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  5. lmao, I also thought Tamina was doing the troll face
  6. Is that Guy Gay o wait thats a girl :umad:
  7. Her reading this thread now - :trolldance:
  8. Is it for real? Big coincidence if it is.
  9. Black Cena dating Tamina wow
  10. Almost every diva dates a superstar. I just hope Rosa is still active and single in 3-4 years. I will post a victory thread when I receive my BJ.
  11. Kayfabe is broken! The storyline has come true!
  12. Seems like Young was able not only to break the ice but to score so quickly? We underestimated him.

    Edit: I think those McDonald's reservations did the trick.
  13. And the coconut plant.
  14. Nothing like giving a girl from the pacific islands a coconut tree... it's about the same thing as giving a russian girl vodka.
  15. I also thought she was attempting to do the troll face.
  16. as long as they don't start a love storyline with them later on, them dating is totally cool with me. I am so sick of love storyline!
  17. Already had one on NXT. He gave her a coconut plant and took her too McDonalds. Like a sir.
  18. I'll try the McDonald's thing myself one of this days and see if it works out. The only reason I won't do the coconut tree trick too is because I'm not really sure where to get a coconut tree.
  19. i'm sure there is some plantation or green house somewhere in Brazil that has them. It is a tropical country after all so there shouldn't be any problem for them to adapt to the climate.
  20. Well, I just looked out my window and saw a few palm trees, pretty close. However, I looked around and found out that Brazil is the fourth biggest producer of coconuts. Maybe that means there are a few coconut trees here? Not sure.
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