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  1. The folks that brought you "Ghost Matches: Superman(George Reeves) VS The Incredible Hulk(Bill Bixby) now bring you their latest dynamite film: "Frankenstein Meets The Big Show!!!"
    See: Frankenstein clobber the WWE Roster!
    See: The Big Show **gulp!!!**
    See: Vince McMahon's head explode!
    See: Steph McMahon yell "Dadddddddd!!!!!" until the audience goes deaf!!!!
    See: The WWE Announcer's get their cars ticketed!!!!!!!!!!!
    See: The Audience walk out!!!!!!!!!!
    See: Viewers at home change the channel!!!!!!!
    See: USA pull the plug on Monday Night Raw & Smack Down!!!
    See: The WWE Forums go kaput!!!!!!
    See: Members of the WWE Forums realize they have to get a life!!!!!!!
    See: MeTV's viewership rise!!!!!!!!!
    See: The End of this Thread!!!!!
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  3. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh.....:idk:
  4. fucking hell
  5. Aaand limited.:walter:
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