News New WWE Network Special renamed, Triple will defend against Ambrose at this Special

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Mar 1, 2016.

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    This is cool since now we got an event in March before Wrestlemania to look forward to, but they need to build this like a pay per view for some Mania hype
  2. Trips retains via DQ. lol
  3. Yeah Bork Smash Kill sadly unless Dean offers Brock a match after he wins
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  4. Anyone really expect this to have a title change? I like the concept and hopefully, I'd like the show.
  5. IF Dean beats Hunter for the belt, IF. Then I guess we can say that Roman is completely and utterly cuckolded, since it would mean they have zero faith in him as a champion at Mania or his ability to outshine Dean vs Brock.
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  6. This has been announced for like a week or longer. I mentioned it in that Daniel Bryan thread. I knew he was defending but I don't think it said Ambrose.

    Can you imagine if Ambrose did win? I am thinking he will lose then Brock will come out and do something silly.
  7. :nope:

    Trips probably retains via DQ or some other BS. Ambrose winning would be hella surprising, but I honestly don't see it happening.
  8. Imagine Dean won, but he still had to face Brock before Roman. Ambrose beats Brock, and then Roman capitalizes on the half dead Ambrose. Roman is cemented as top heel and Roman vs Dean has a great starting point.
  9. I would do this:

    Before Roadblock Dean will promise Brock Lesnar to put the title on the line in thier match at Mania AND defend against Triple H and Roman in a triple threat match (yes, Dean will do double duty). Dean wins at Roadblock. Roman Reigns gets pissed and turns heel because of this and the fact that the crowd won't side with him, Dean beats Brock in the street fight in the first defense at Mania then later retains again, with help from Stone Cold who after Triple H gets help and Roman sides with Hunter comes out to support Amborse, Stone Cold raises Ambrose hand signally the passing of the torch.

    WWE should honestly consider that at this point with Dean as the REAL babyface of the company
  10. This seems like a random, but fun event before Wrestlemania. Don't see Dean winning sadly, that seems like a very very slim chance.
  11. lol How crappy would it be for Ambrose to win his first WWE Championship on a Network special? Seriously, come on...

    When Dean finally wins the big one, I want it to be at the end of a long journey that begins with winning the Royal Rumble and culminates with him finally capturing the gold on the grand stage of Wrestlemania, which is old school WWF/E-storytelling at its finest. No MITB cash-in, no surprise title switch on a Network Special (or a Raw or Smackdown), no other bullshit, just a traditional "Road To Wrestlemania" storyline where a babyface has an incredible journey to win the gold that everyone can get behind. Given how many times Dean has come close to winning the big one and failed, it'll be an incredible payoff when we finally get to witness it happen.
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  12. fuck me, I more excited for this than Wrestlemania :woo1:
  13. lol Ambrose isn't winning.
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