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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Aug 6, 2014.

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  1. We noted before that WWE was planning on slightly altering all championship belts to go along with the official launch of the new company logo, which happens on the RAW the night after SummerSlam.

    Below is a photo of Triple H at this week's TV tapings, holding a new WWE Title belt at what looks like a photoshoot to show off the new strap.

  2. Not hugely different from the looks of things apart from altering the logo to match up with the network.
  3. The last shades of my childhood, gone.
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  4. Although the scratch WWF logo is much better than the scratch WWE logo, I hate the new logo and would much rather see the scratch WWE one. Why kill it off after a 17 year run (if you count WWF).
  5. The only good thing about it is that we may get rid of the Big Gold Belt
  6. Same championship design, only with the new company logo. I can't really blame 'em for not churning out a completely brand new spanking design when they just introduced this current one last year.
  7. Sorry, it looks like a completely retarded person designed that logo.
    They literally walked up to a retarded human being and asked them to draw a logo for their publicly traded company.
    They used that drawing and here we are today.
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  8. At least it doesn't look like the Divas belt. That's the ugliest piece of shit.
  9. WWE always had a reputation for ruining the best belts.

    WWE Title goes from being a championship to a toy. Womens (Divas) title goes from being a championship to a toy. Tag title goes from being a championship to a penny. US title goes from a championship to a gay ass toy.
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  10. That's why all these other promoters hate WWE
  11. I actually dig the Divas belt, maybe because I don't take it seriously at all.
    The WHC is older than dirt but it's so simple that it works.
    The U.S belt is a disgrace.
    I'm fine with the Tags because I just don't take them seriously.

    Basically, stop 'designing' belts. They are freaking belts not rocket science. Stupid entertainment company wants to brand, sell and billboard every f***ing thing. A belt is a belt. Da** graphic artists ruin simplicity
  12. Ew. I don't know, the current one is fine, not that good but acceptable. But this one looks worse, perhaps a bad camera angle but yeah, ew.
  13. So much vinegar in this thread.

    Looks totally fine to me.
  14. I dislike the belt as it is, too much bling and trying to sell it as a toy. I still think that TNA has one of the nicest championship belts I've seen... In fact, I saw a photo of Daniel Bryan with one of the old winged belts and that looked fantastic.
  15. What exactly sells it as a "toy"?
  16. Not a big fan of the design but i'm not here to drool over how pretty a belt looks. I'm excited for a new championship!
  17. Whatever, looks fine to me. Not like I'm going to be wearing it or anything.

    And since the Divas belt was brought up, I know the design is supposed to look like a butterfly (I think anyway) but I always thought it looked more like a lame flattened out luchador mask instead.
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  18. I don't see what the big deal is. When I saw this for the first time last week, I didn't even realize the logo was different. They're awfully similar in my opinion. At least the WWE Title looks okay but who knows what they'll do to the other belts. If they go back to the Women's Championship with how it looks in NXT then I will be so happy. That bedazzled butterfly is ridiculous.
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  19. When the belt looks as if it were made of plastic like the Diva's title. Or it can be if the title was specially made so it can be better marketed when people like The Rock win the belt. By marketed I mean big ass logo on the front and...that's it.
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