New WWE13 Cover!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Webx, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Get your Limited Edition WEBX Cover why its Out LOLLLL.

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  2. Sources tells me this is fake
  4. I'd rathar have a cover with a piece of shit on.
  5. This. You do know you owe Crayo money right?
  6. Nah. I feel it was a draw Cena and punk had a draw So i feel Neither won so He dont ow me anything and i dont ow him anything.
  7. Lol have fun betting again then.
  8. What was the bet if you don't mind me asking?
  9. John Cena Beats Cmpunk But The match was a Draw
  10. The bet was John Cena wins the WWE Championship, but Cena didn't. If Cena were to get DQed he wouldn't have won it either, you lost the bet dude. Be fair and pay up.
  11. Yeah. A draw always means the champion retains. You lost fair and square according to every rule book out there. Just pay up like a man.
  12. Test. Someone quote me and reply.
  13. Waka waka reply.
  14. Damn I failed and clicked it instead of the test I was wanting to do.

    Quote me again please <3
  15. i think it was a draw so yeah
  16. And in a draw the champion retains, thus causing Cena to lose the title bout. Pay up.
  18. You're about as fit as Punk.
  19. And? Cena didn't beat Punk, your bet was for Cena to beat Punk...
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