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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by edge4ever, Sep 2, 2015.

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  1. So we've all noticed the giagantic freak that's literally been man handling both Dean and roman like rag dolls... Like literally making reigns, who's a strong SOB and put up a good fight against Brock, look like a bitch.

    He dismantles both men and couldn't even get hurt by a chair. My question is who will be able to stop this guy and why are they letting him ruin reigns and Dean? I mean at this point are they leading to the rock coming back and helping reigns and Dean? It's hard to tell.

    I'm only asking because as of now, the only guy who could seemingly beat this Wyatt guys ass is Brock lesnar. And since that's obviously the case, they have to be preparing for something big, right?

    What's your thoughts? Ideas?
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    If you watched Monday's segment closely, you'd realize that he's being booked to eventually be taken down by Roman Reigns himself.
    Strowman's match with Ambrose ended in DQ, which essentially prolongs the entire feud. Strowman is here to put over Reigns as a babyface.
    Strowman is under Wyatt's tutelage which means he isn't being groomed for Lesnar because Wyatt is still an active superstar (and a midcard one at that).
    The more chaos Strowman causes, the harder Reigns must train to defeat him. Eventually Strowman may defeat Ambrose at a PPV, at which point Reigns must step in his buddies honor.

    Have you ever seen the Rocky movies? It's a similar ideology to that. Its great that fans are seeing Reigns look so vulnerable, because Strowman was definitely drawing all the heat.

    Edit: It wouldn't surprise me if they kept this up until the Rumble. Strowman will continue to decimate lesser superstars in DQ style fashion. He'll knock Reigns down enough until Reigns basically begs the Authority for a 1 on 1 match at the Rumble and manages to defeat the dude.
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  3. Don't care. The initial stigma of having a new member, wore off. He's as bland and uninteresting as Rowan. Hell give Rowan a head of hair, and there you go.
  4. AMF is right. This is Reigns' monster to conquer, not Brock's. The only way he would be fed to Lesnar is if they were trying to build towards an eventual match between him and Wyatt (since Strowman is still only Bray's muscle, not the leader of the family as a whole), and as much as I'd enjoy watching Brock feud with Bray Wyatt, it just isn't happening.
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  5. Oh I know he won't fight Brock, I was more or less comparing him to Brock as of now and simply saying that it seems he's the only one who could beat him.

    If they're pushing reigns to do so I'm all for that... I just didn't know what they were getting at with this new monster
  6. A rule of thumb in wrestling is that monsters are always set up for heroes to conquer. Look no further than Rusev, who had a year + undefeated streak that was fed to Cena at Wrestlemania. The Undertaker was fed to Hogan. Hogan's entire face run is a prime example of this. Strowman is Roman's very own little monster to vanquish.
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  7. Strowman should be squashing guys in 1-on-1 and handicap matches first, before taking on (and eventually taking down) the big names like Ambrose and Reigns. Like A.M.F. said, Reigns will be the one to defeat the big black sheep of the Wyatt Family.

    The thing that's really intriguing right now is who will be the third member to even up the odds against the Wyatt Family
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  8. I would think it's the Rock as mentioned earlier.
  9. The Great One does come to mind, but we don't know for sure. They ain't even giving us a little hint as to who it might be.
  10. And he's been doing a good job of showing up unannounced lately too
  11. Aye. Gotta love the element of surprise.
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  12. If that's the impression you got from him then I guess his initial booking has been successful.
  13. I could only see the Rock showing up by Survivor Series. If he did, how would you suggest they book that match?
    This would be the Rock's tune up match for 'Mania which means that should he and Strowman clash, Rocky would have to get the upper hand (without pinning him).
    Booking like this would further the gap between the Rock and Reigns. I don't see this as beneficial at this point in Reigns career.

    A hot air balloon keeps rising, so Reigns/Ambrose should either remain as they are or find somebody who can't outshine Reigns. The Wyatt's must win.

    Edit: For those who may compare this to the Rusev/Rock/Cena situation, Cena was already made and the Rock/Rusev segment was just that.
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  14. Yup, Strowman is exactly to Reigns what Zeus was to Hogan. The scene of Strowman with the nerve hold on Reigns with Ambrose hitting him with a chair to no effect was nearly identical to a scene with Hogan, Zeus and Brutus Beefcake... down to the look on Ambrose's face when Strowman was unaffected. Of course even though Hogan was incapable of hurting Zeus, he soundly defeated him in the ring as Reigns will.

    Earthquake was a great example of this too. It's funny though because Tiny Lister and John Tenta were such likable guys in real life and in my opinion Hogan never has been... but they played their characters well (even though Lister sucked in the ring, he's an excellent actor) .
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  15. I dunno, I wasn't thinking about booking like that. I was just thinking the Rock is Reign's cousin is all
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