News New Wyatt Family member considered

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Nov 7, 2013.

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  1. Wrestlinginc

    But the question is: who? Are they thinking someone from the main roster or are they thinking of revamping a main roster wrestler? Who could you see being turned?
  2. It SHOULD'VE been Kane, but now, hmmmmm.....:hmm:......not sure who would fit well. I wonder if they will use a more agile high flyer type since they are all huge beasts. But I'd love to see it.
  3. Perhaps it's time for a smaller guy.

  4. HA, no way. --> InB4 torito pulls double duty
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  5. Oddly enough I'd say either Miz or Ryback lol
  6. Miz works as Bray turns him into a mindless puppet by saving him from his lies.
  7. NOOOOOOOOOO, not the MIZ!
  8. Would also go well with the Miz teasing a heel turn. He can turn to the Wyatt ways without going mindless drone like Rowan.
  9. Miz acting like a brainwashed puppet? Sounds like great television!
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  10. If Kane had resorted back to his monstrous self when he removed the mask again, he would have been the ideal choice. He could have cut promos talking about how occasionally in the past, he's tried to convince himself that he is capable of having normal relationships with other people (relationship with Tori, friendships with X-Pac/RVD/Daniel Bryan, etc.) but it's time once and for all that he just accepts that deep down, he is and will forever be a monster. He could thank the Wyatt Family for helping him finally embrace that. Plus, I think it would be cool to have an established veteran in the group among the other three not-as-familiar faces. But that idea is clearly out the window now (not that I mind, because I'm interested in what they'll do with the corporate Kane.)

    Looking over the roster, it's kind of hard to picture anybody dirtied up (most likely) and associating themselves with a group of psychotic hillbillies. Maybe they can go the same route they took with adding Serena to the SES and add a female to the group. That would be interesting and balance things out pretty well (and I can imagine Wyatt's voice referring to someone as his "sister.") Maybe Tamina, she would sure as shit look the part.
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  11. OH a Diva! Never thought of that. Nice one
  12. No, please no. Just keep them how they are. If it aint broke don't fix it.
  13. Except she's Polynesian, I don't see how she would fit in with ass backwards inbred hillbillies.
  14. All Pacific Islanders call each other cousins, so there's that.
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  15. Well, her ethnicity wouldn't be important. Nothing says that every member of the Wyatt Family would be required to be a backwoods redneck themselves. The idea would be that a person becomes indoctrinated enough where they feel they'd have a sense of "belonging" by being apart of the family. I mentioned Tamina just as a suggestion because any female who was with them should seem like a legitimately dangerous and imposing woman and she has that about her. But putting more thought into it at the moment, I'd probably go with a person who was more innocent beforehand (Tamina is already a heel, so her becoming part of the family wouldn't have the same feel to it as it would if an innocent Diva was being led astray by the Wyatts.)
  16. I hope it's Mike Knox or Festus or maybe some guy from NXT like Ohno or Dawson
  17. So it's being considered and we don't know who. Interesting
  18. Mike Knox would be perfect....Snitsky can mesh well with them too
  19. Really? A new member? Vinnie Mac, the_hoff does NOT approve. It would be stupid to add a new member!
  20. IMO would be interesting to use the Wyatts as the catalyst for the tension in the Shield eventually leading to their split. Have Reigns and Rollins spot Ambrose talking with the Wyatts and they can slowly pull him in before he completely turns on Rollins/Reigns, thus turning them face.
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