New Years Resolution for the WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by leojay, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. Now apart from the few gems of the year like Punk, Ziggler, Bryan, Kane, The Shield and the returns of The Rock and Brock Lesnar, the WWE has been pretty shitty. So shitty in fact, that the WWE's ratings have dropped a whole point from mid 3's to mid 2's. As its the New Year, what New Years Resolutions would you give to the WWE to help improve their product? Here's mine.

    Better utilization of the three hours, or complete removal of it:
    When RAW was being broadcasted at two hours, the show had terribly short matches and terrible utilization of talents that weren't main eventers. So, they went to three hours. Now that they have three hours? They added MORE terribly short matches and STILL terribly utilize talents that aren't main eventers.

    The whole point of the three hours was to make all the matches not feel like a rush, and to give build to more talent. If they made matches go on longer than two minutes, and gave midcarders time to make interesting and relevant storylines, I would have no problem with the three hours. If they don't do this however, they should go back to two hours.

    The rebuilding of the Midcard division:
    As I said in the above paragraph, the Midcard division is stale as fuck right now. They get a few short matches with no real storyline or feud (mostly randomly put together tag matches), maybe a mini-feud for the Mid-Card Champion and a title defense barely once a month. The division is so lacking we have matches like Kofi Kingston vs Tensai and The Great Khali vs David Otunga happening.

    Now, people may argue the mid card division is filler, but it's filler that takes up two and a half hours of the show. The Main Event is that, the Main Event. The last thing on the show. That means you have to sit through two and a half hours of awful midcard filler to watch your CM Punk vs John Cena match. The filler MAKES the show, not the Main Event. People may argue that it's CM Punks fault the ratings are bad, but who is going to sit through two and a half hours of David Otunga and The Great Khali to wait to see one CM Punk match? Nobody.

    There was a reason why WCW was so good in its prime. Because they had the NWO (the main attraction), and they had the amazing cruiserweight and midcard division (filler) that took up the most of the show. I loved to sit through Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio and Dean Malenko to wait to see Hogan. I don't however love sitting through what we have now, which is nothing. And the things that we do have that's good we've soon so many times over the last three years it feels just as shit. We need change. A better midcard. Bring some guys back (Morrison, Benjamin, Carlito, MVP, etc.) and bring some guys up (Kassius, Wyatt, etc.) and use them correctly to help make the midcard and WWE in general a more interesting wrestling program to watch.

    Stop giving us AJ, please I beg of you:
    Yes AJ is the only over Diva, but that doesn't mean she should be in everything. She shouldn't. Hell, at this point I don't want her on TV at all. Right now in my opinion she's cancer to everything in the 'E, so please stop using her in everything. Please just use her in the Divas Division. PLEASE :emoji_slight_frown:

    And that's all, folks. What are yours? What resolutions do you think would help the WWE to fix their currently awful and stale product? I swear if you guys says bring back the attitude era or rebuild the tag team division more I'll kill you
  3. Agree with a lot everything you say. As we know in the AE ppl cared as much about the mid card as the ME at times. That is something which is sorely lacking as you say.

    I also say the reinvention of a crusierweight division could help with this situation or give them a new division to work with at least.

    Divas's yes get AJ back in that division and rebuild it from the ground up and get people at least caring a little for the Divas so it's not a complete waste of time
  4. Don't even fucking joke about it :otunga:
  5. I'd love this, but unless they got more talents it'd be terribly underutilized. I mean, the two midcard divisions they have now can barely excel because of the shallow pool of talents. :upset:
  6. True but I was basing this on the premise that they were doing your New Years resolution of sorting the midcard out and reinvigorating the talent pool.

    Otherwise I agree if they did it without a shake up it'd just fail.
  7. I agree. A stronger midcard is the way to go with three hours, no question about it. Also agree on AJ, she's been over exposed throughout almost the entire year, she should be on the Divas division, true.

    Also I guess some more building of the tag division can't hurt
  8. Accidental double post.
  9. Oh, right. With that in mind, who would you want in a cruiserweight division if there was one? (can be anyone from anywhere)
  10. The ones in WWE I think of who get underused


    Outside of WWE my knowledge is pretty limited apart from the big stars so on that front I'm not so sure.
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