New York City Subway Second Ave Line

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by C.M. Shaddix, Oct 2, 2015.

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  1. Aside from my music addictions, I'm also highly interested in my city's transit system, its kinda one of my future job options to work with the MTA in the field of railways and other transportation means. The most known expansion project currently going on at the moment is the new BMT Second Avenue Line, which has been planned for nearly a CENTURY. But because of out country's damn financial roller coaster it took this long to finally be funded. Here is the the layout map with all 4 phases on it:
    Some detail:
    Phase 1 is currently funded and should be done by December 2016:
    -The Q Train will run from 63rd St/Lex to 96th, stopping at the 3 new stations in the red line
    -This will remove some of the crowding for the 4, 5 and 6 lines, not much, but a little
    -It's also discussed that the W line will also return in this phase to rejoin the N line as the N will return to it's express service it did before 2010, since the N train can't run to Astoria by itself.
    Phase 2 still has to be funded
    -Will introduce 3 new stations north as seen in blue, the Q's service will extend to them
    -A transfer will be available at 125th for the Lexington Ave line (4,5,6)
    -This should also improve Lexington's condition another teensy bit
    Phase 3 will introduce the new T service
    -The T Train will sport a light blue line on the official map because it's trunk line will be Second Ave, therefore being "The Second Ave Local".
    -6 new stations south Houston to 55th will either being made or open up to the line and are under evaluation at the moment to see which ones will provide transfers to other lines it intersects like the L and F lines.
    -T line will run Houston to 125th obviously, fully local since current funding is for 2 tracks on the system
    Phase 4 is the last phase completing the southern most portion, expect this done by like around 2030 the soonest
    -Last 4 stations introduced (one notably South Street Seaport, which should be finished with the new renovations when this phase is complete, so thank god no more walks from the nearest 2/3 train stop to get there) T will provide full local service to all existing stations

    So that's the plan at the moment, this will decrease Lexington crowding for the most part and might bring back the BMT Broadway express N and local W to decrease crowding there too. Just as I said, 100 YEARS IN THE MAKING, mark your calenders if you are in the area when Phase 1 has an exact completion date.

    For the future when all of this is complete, I say later proposals will be added for an extension to the Bronx and an express service to run with the T also. Express is currently held back on 2nd ave due to budget reasons, but maybe the MTA will be able to get around to it somehow.

    So what do you guys think?
  2. I remember reading about this years ago and I thought they canceled the idea completely. I have a thing for architecture (so I get being fascinated here) I wish I had pursued so make sure you go after your dream job.
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