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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jonathan, Jul 10, 2012.

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  2. I'm your first sub :boss1:
  3. Still think Smackdownloads is a cool name :boss1: pick that name


    also im second sub :boss1:
  4. Crayouroxmysoxlikechickenpox.

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  5. I had to switch to a new channel also. :sad:
  6. F'n UFC 148 uploading. :sad:

    RIP 4.8million views :burns:
  7. Aiming for 1-2 million views for the 1,000th RAW episode as long as it doesn't get blocked in US only fast.. So, hopefully that'll bring the views back.
  8. 1-2m.m.m.million for one video?

  9. not one video. total views for 18 videos. 17 parts and 1 full show.
  10. Each part about 8 minutes long and one 2 hour 30 vid.

    Need 111k per part and for the whole vid for 2m views overall.


    Think I might have to stay up to get RAW on as soon as it goes off the air. :boss1:
  11. Some parts will be up to 15 min, some will be as low as 3 min. I'm expecting 1 million at low and 2 million as the highest total views.

    The full show should give me like 500k views alone..
  12. How do you predict 500k views? :gusta:
  13. It's a full show and they generally get high amount of views. It's also the 1,000th RAW so lots of people will watch it.
  14. Hmm, I guess.
    I'm pumped for RAW 1000. So many people returning.

    Kharma, Undertaker, Mysterio, etc etc.

  15. Not sure about Kharma and I think rey is returning earlier.

    The Rock, Brock Lesnar, DX, Undertaker, tons of different legends etc..
  16. Rey supposedly returning on SmackDown next week. I'd say 100% it's a dark segment like HHH burying everyone.

    I heard Kharma will be back on RAW 1000.
  17. Yeah probably.. :sad:

    Would mark for Kharma returning on RAW 1000. And also if Ambrose debuts.
  18. The Rock, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Kharma, Rey Mysterio, All the legends, Stone Cold? :emoji_grin:, DX.

    Lets hope they all have their own segment and it has a purpose. Even if it's just SCSA laying an ass-whopping on that SOB Michael Cole. :jericho:


    And an Ambrose debut would be fuckin' awesome, but I don't see it happening TBH.
  19. I've never done any uploading so I've never had a problem. It's a bitch you got limited to 15 minutes though.

    When I get in tonight, I'll subscribe to your new channel.
  20. Thanks Mark :emoji_slight_smile:
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