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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. Hi everyone :emoji_slight_smile: newbie here as you can see im a Brock Lesnar fan and im so excited he has returned to WWE after so long

    Also a fan of CM Punk so glad hes WWE champion really love what hes doing right now

    Oh and for your info im a girl

    Anyway look forward to chatting with you all
  2. You're actually Casual but anyways, how's it hanging?
  3. I dont actually have a favourite I like many different wrestlers right now they all have their own styles that I like

    Thanks for the welcomes :emoji_slight_smile: and im hanging good CM Punk obviously your another CM Punk fan here as well thats cool. Whats your best CM Punk memory???
  5. I'm glad you're my fan. I'll be sure to tweet you.
  6. Welcome to the site.
  7. Hey there, welcome to the site. Like you probably, I marked out like a child when Brock Lesnar came back. Be sure to be here on Monday for the live RAW discussion thread, hopefully we'll see Brock again :emoji_slight_smile:

    Oh, where did you find us?
  8. Hi :emoji_slight_smile: thanks for the welcome. Yep I defintely marked out like a child after the shock wore off. Its just unbelieveable lol. I will defo be in the discussion thread may not be chatting live as it happens but I will be there :emoji_wink:. I cant wait to see what Brock does next.

    Its weird how I found this site as I commented on this you tube clip a while ago and I got this inbox message on my you tube account today from some user messaging me about this weeks smackdown episode thats been uploaded to you tube and there was a link to this forum with it so I followed the link and here I am and thought I would register and see what happens lol

    To CM Punk - that moment was awesome when he won the world heavyweight title :emoji_slight_smile: shame he got screwed out of it by losing it. Thank god he finally got his time by winning the WWE title

    Brock Lesnar user - your welcome :emoji_slight_smile: I know your not the real thing but thats sweet
  9. Welcome to the forums! Your a brock mark so I'm in good terms with you.
  10. I might not be the real thing in terms of wrestling ability and look-a-like, but size wise, I'm pretty close. I'll look in one of my old threads. I had a few pictures of me.. @[Censorious] and a few others said I'm built like Brock, but look like Randy Orton from behind. (Orton being my favorite too).
  11. Just because she's female there's no need to show pictures, lmao.
  12. You know how I am :emoji_wink:

    Also, attachements are broken @[Censorious].. I just looked in my thread D:
  13. Welcome to the Site!
  14. I see you got my message. :laugh:

    Welcome to site and I see you've been posting today. :gusta:
  15. Aww so it was you who messaged me on my you tube account :emoji_slight_smile: thanks for the link its good to be here :emoji_slight_smile:

    Thewindyfan - thanks and Brock marks rule :emoji_wink:

    Brock Lesnar - im sure in your little world you look like the real Brock Lesnar :emoji_wink:

    Randy Savage - thanks for the welcome :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. One of the worst days in WWEF history.
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  17. One of the worst days in any history period.
  18. Go away, you feeble woman.
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