Evolve News coming out of the Evolve triple shot weekend

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. Watching these shows right now actually. Got through Evolve 20 last night and in the middle of 21 right now. So far very good shows and the best Evolve shows I have seen yet. They seem to be hitting a stride with what the promotion wants to be and with a lot of promising young talent. I'll make a thread on that later though.

    News via PWinsider
  2. Can you hook a sister up? :please:
  3. Gargano as the unknown heel is great. Not keen on Fox as champ but he's entertaining so I can't hate him too much.
  4. GayR Fox does not amuse Seabrose.
    Seabrose not into the gay porn.
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  5. That'd make such a good chant. GAYR FOX
  6. We need to get to an Evolve, DGUSA or CZW show and get it started. CZW would eat that shit up.
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