CZW News for CZW "Cerebral" October 13th

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by CM Punk, Oct 4, 2012.

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  2. A CZW thread here made by someone else and not me? What? The? Actual? FUCK?!
  3. I'm marking out!:haha:
  4. Aaaaaaand Joe just had a stroke.
  5. What the fuck is happening in this section? Why are you opening threads about something you don't even watch, lol...
  6. We are working on getting the section active. I myself watch Ring of Honor and I am trying to get into other products like PWG so for me this is a goldmine.
  7. It's becoming active.
    If you introduce new product to everyone, they'll get invested.
    Plus you barely post, no offence.
    I've seen CZW before, I just don't have the time to watch every promotion in the world.
  8. You know, funny thing is, I used to open threads here to make shit flowing, but I got lulzed every fucking time. So yeah, "introducing new products" will lead nowhere, mark my words. This forum simply has no a base for Indy feds.
  9. Crayo made an award for it.
    Now there is kind of a reason to get invested into it.
    Some member's might garner interest but I'm not promising they will.
  10. Also the decline of the current WWE product has caused a lot of our members to start looking for alternatives. We have over the summer created so many more TNA fans on here (myself included) thin in itself has cause at least me to go looking for more wrestling promotions to watch.
  11. Well, this explains everything, lulz...
  12. :true:

    Only reason is because he feared that this section wouldn't be as active as it should be.
    So why not?
  13. Soooo, back to the OP ..... I'm not familiar with CZW. Is it worth checking out?
    Given, I don't have the time or opportunity to watch every wrestling promotion out there, but I'm open to checking out any worthwhile ones from time to time as I'm able, even if I may not get to watch them all the time.
  14. It's pretty good from what I have seen.
    It has Adam Cole and I'm a fan of Joe Gacy.
  15. Shameful way to post on something if you aren't going to actually watch it, honestly.
  16. I watch it, but not occasionally cause I don't have the time.
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