News for Tonight's WWE RAW Supershow

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  1. The 999th episode of WWE's RAW Supershow will take place tonight from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tonight's show will be the final two-hour show as RAW goes to three-hours beginning next week.

    Notable advertised appearances for tonight include Triple H, John Laurinaitis and Kelly Kelly, who has not appeared on WWE TV in several weeks. Advertised locally for tonight's show is CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan plus John Cena vs. Big Show and John Laurinaitis.

    WWE is focusing on the following points for tonight:

    * How will The Miz get back to the top?

    * Has Daniel Bryan given up on AJ Lee?

    * Will Dolph Ziggler cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase?

    * Will John Cena take advantage of a vulnerable WWE Champion CM Punk and cash in his briefcase?

    * Troubles for CM Punk's WWE Title reign with AJ, John Cena and others
  2. HHH Laryngitis and Kelly x 2 are off screen appearance?
  3. Let's see if I'll be able to watch it.
  4. Yeah most likely.
  5. Kelly Kelly is off Until Summerslam But she could be on raw for the 1000th Ep But as of tonight very doubtful. some say she might not come back at all.
  6. I don't really care whether KK returns or not to be honest.
  7. There is only two people on here who would care if Kelly made an appearance.
  8. I do. In a negative way. Keep that generic, uninteresting slut off my television please.
  9. Congrats on 10k posts 19 posts ago btw :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. Hoping this one will not be a let down since MITB was meant to of been good. I will have to watch it tomorrow afternoon though.
  11. :yay:
  12. Untelevised HHH burial :gusta: :bury: :shovel:
  13. Anyone know if Brock lesnar vs. HHH will be made official for Summerslam tonight or next week on the 1,000th episode of Raw? I can't wait any longer..
  14. Raw 1000. :sad:
  15. After all this, I am interested to see what happens! Wow, so exciting!
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