News News on backstage Ryback heat; Heyman to be taken from him?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 26, 2013.

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  2. Thank god for that
  3. Good the guys a bust sadly. I was hyped for his debut but his ring work is below required. Looking back I wish they kept the destructive monster face gimmick. I wasn't overly keen on it at the time but it's just the role for him and could gave helped the mid card feuds by being very over.
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  4. I can tell Ryback's annoyance with public appearances based on videos and interviews. I'm not sure if taking Paul Heyman away from him is a punishment, and, if i will turn him face or not. Backstage heat has always existed and I find certain measures to be a bit ridiculous.
  5. I swear we get a report like this every month and yet he still gets big storylines and stuff.
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  6. Noooooo dont de push Ryback he has potential to be the guy for the company there not giving him a chance. Also its obviously backstage politics coming into play here
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  7. I think he's just annoyed from being shoved into every little thing so quick by WWE. They really damaged his character with their booking really. Aside from that, he should have increased by ring skills by now, and not rough up the wrestlers like he does a bit often.
  8. WWE is mad that their hand picked main eventer sucks at wrestling.

    Hey, dumb fucks, that is your fucking fault for pushing the clown.
  9. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

    That's not my batman glass.
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  10. Man, finally they might start to realise. Polishing a Turd, doesn't matter because it's still a turd.
  11. Officials aren't happy with his ring work? Since when has sucking donkey dick in the ring meant anything? It's all the other qualities that someone has (look, aura, charisma, personality, mic skills, etc.) that makes them a star and Ryback certainly has the look. He doesn't have that special kind of aura that guys like Goldberg had, but Batista didn't have it either when he first started out. It was his booking that made him a big star, and therein lies the problem with Ryback. He's been jobbed out in just about every feud he's had (Punk, Shield, Henry, Cena, Punk again, etc.)

    IMO, the best thing they could have done with Ryback was to have him drop out of the WWE Title picture immediately after HIAC last year and keep him as a monster babyface (him going after the IC Title would have been fine.)
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  12. ^Thought exactly what Lockard just said (and his sig is gold) Ryback may not be the best worker, but it's his aura and look and stuff that got him over. When he was crushing people, smarks talked up how he was "god-awful", nobody really cared and rightfully so.

    But he seems like he's going for a "normal" in-ring style instead of being a monster. Doing lockups, throwing weak-looking punches, little clotheslines in the corner... just nothing special about him in the ring any more. Face Ryback worked because he had this dominant moveset, anything he did could break you apart... now when you see him in the ring he's barely anything to fear (partially because he's booked as a hapless jobber).

    Don't think Ryback's dangerous aura can be rebuilt, but they may as well try.
  13. I hope Mcintyre becomes a heyman guy.
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  14. Gollllllllllllllldberg
  15. They fucked up Ryback a year ago. He should have gone for a midcard title. Not for the wwe title.
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  16. Dude i dont know wtf this bs is, i heard from a solid source Ryback is going to end the streak this year. Ryback over Undertaker at WM, he said it himself.
  17. Lol @ Ryback holding a midcard belt
  18. I've said this a lot already, he had potential but they screwed up his booking badly repeatedly. Not surprised he's not interesting anymore.
  19. LOL.."Heyman moving forward...." Ryback should just get into the ring and beat the crap out of any that would dare to oppose him; then turn to the audience and shout" Take **that** WWE!"
    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!
  20. Ryback's a fuckin' alpha. Lead, Follow, or get fucking lariated.
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