News News on Bryan's WWE Title Hopes

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 2, 2013.

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  3. Good, he shouldn't be involved in it for a while again. He's very very very good but this story was beginning to drag as it was plus thethe chase is always the most fun.
  4. Wouldn't it have made more sense for Bryan to be kept in the main angle feuding with Triple H, Shield, Kane? etc rather than this. Ziggler, for instance, has nothing to do so could have teamed with Punk vs Wyatts maybe.
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  6. So thats it Daniel doesnt get to be champion WTF fuck you WWE
  7. I see no problem, he is indeed elevated and he can probably serve in a Jericho role, fittin in seemlesely wherever on the card and remain over, as long as he is on the card he will be kept in the fans minds.
  8. yep he will never be champ now
  9. Kane hates the Wyatt family, Daniel Bryan got attacked maybe because he was his former best friend but then the story finishes as why CM Punk was attacked with the same saying 'The Devil made me do it'. Perhaps a Team Hell No! reunion and Team Hell No! and CM Punk vs The Wyatt family at Survivor Series, Bryan should shot at the title after WM 30, and maybe him vs HHH at WM 30. Gittttt hit!
  10. Except that Kane is working for Stephanie now isn't he? I don't think it would make sense for him to join Bryan now.
  11. Good, they're changing things up now then.
  12. Fuck Bryan. The YES chants made me dislike him.

    Childish retarded shit.
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  13. same.
  14. It's not like he's gonna dissappear from TV. He's one of the company's main guys now. He'll be involved in something constantly now, maybe smaller, maybe bigger. He'll at least hold the WHC a couple of more times.
  15. Maybe Miz going after WWE title.

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  16. Bryan is clearly gonna win the WWE Championship again come Wrestlemania XXX. The whole point here is to create a "chase" for the championship and have it eventual culminate on the grandest stage of them all, preceded by either a Royal Rumble victory or a win in an Elimination Chamber match (I'd go with the Rumble since it's more prestigious, plus if he entered at #1 and won it, he could say that he accomplished the very same thing that his mentor HBK did.)

    Bryan is only out of the title picture for the moment. Not for good. We can't have Bryan/Orton headline 6-7 straight PPVs, after all. Feuding with the Wyatts is simply something to keep Bryan busy until the Rumble gets here (helping the Wyatt Family get more over as heels in the process as well), just like Undertaker was used to keep Austin busy while Rock/Mankind were feuding over the title.
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  17. lol well played. I approve.
  18. Hell yes. KLockard is the dude I can always rely on around here to know what the fuck is going on, and have logical/rational opinions on shit.
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  19. Bryan will be fine, still think he's gonna be winning the Rumble (didn't some other dirtsheet newz reporter talk about that?). Yeah, Bryan's certainly better chasing the belt, but he has to have some kind of time with it to make it feel fulfilling (reference Dolph Ziggler... oh, right, he was a heel) but if the whole corporation angle is designed to get Big Show, Cena, Triple H, and Orton over...
  20. Better to get Bryan out of the Autority angle (which is kinda fubar right now) and re-insert him later down the road when/if it is fixed.
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