News On Cena's Health, One More Top Face To Be Picked

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  2. Good, I appreciate Cena for his work rate but don't want to see him permanently fucked up because of it. Ease out and the business will be fresher and he'll be better off.
  3. Yeah, he should take a break after WM. Rest his character and his body.
  4. Hope he's careful as don't want him totally banged up.

    Wonder who VKM would pick?
  5. Re: RE: News On Cena's Health, One More Top Face To Be Picked

    Langston probably gives him wood
  6. This is true!

    I like Langston though so would have no issues with this what so ever!

    Would love to see the RAW and SD crowds going mental for the FIVE count.

    I know others think he is just another big beast but there is something else to him imo that sets him apart.
  7. I was personally thinking this year was when Cena was taking time off, and looking at this report, looks like he maybe should of. Losing a match against the Rock (which he said was his biggest match ever and also stated that if he lost, his career would mean nothing to him) and then losing to Brock (which I think should have happened) would have provided a solid reason for Cena to take time off to go 'find himself' or something. Then he could heal up and come back a little fresher, but it didn't happen.
  8. Who's going to replace him though? Langston and such can't work a mic anywhere near Cena's level which is required.
  9. Hmmm a good mic worker?

    Our obvs options are

    and Khali :woo1:

    Jokes on the last one!
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    Ryback, ADR, Miz all have potential to imo.
  11. Hangs head in shame. How did I forget Miz!

  12. WWE need to realise Cena wont be around forever they need to start pushing a new talent for the top spot. The company would be fucked if Cena had to suddenly retire like Edge did
  13. It's quite easy, I do all the time :smug:

    (Do people get that I hate the Miz yet?)
  14. I did off that post without even reading the bottom part.

    WHY? I don't get the hate?
  15. Punk just isn't built enough to be that top face, I'm sorry vanilla midget fans. If he was booked properly it would be different, but they made him stale last time.

    Ambrose is sorta bigger but the same applies, he's a heel for life. Daniel Bryan - again - too small to become a huge draw imo. Not sure on DZ.
  16. Thats the problem the better mic workers are the smaller guys. Or the ones I think of straight away.
  17. Tbh, his face bothers me. I just can't like him. Also his in ring skills are mediocre at best. He never should've been the champ, especially at WM.
  18. If they can improve Ryback...

  19. Who is the Miz again?

  20. I disagree I don't see him as mediocre thats putting him in the same league as Khali.

    Miz is a great mic worker and average to good in ring imo.

    I get the face thing though lol
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