News News on creative changes with Bischoff in charge

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Aug 8, 2013.

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  1. I understand this is a horrible report, but I thought it'd be a good thread to discuss potential creative changes with Eric now in charge.
  2. Sadly I see Easy E trying to kill off Aces and Eights only to replace them with an all NEW oversized heel faction hellbent and taking over the company.

    It's like, the one booking trick he keeps up his sleeve man.
  3. Terrible report indeed.

    Bischoff is rumored to leave in October, btw. Key word: rumored.
  4. Damn, thought the key word was 'in'.
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  5. Funny UK guy.
  6. Damn Crayo busting out dat wit
  7. I think it is the worse thing they could have done. Dixie has no clue what she is doing. Bring back JJ to set it right
  8. TNA is done for. The direction they are heading in is anything but up. I think they'll go bankrupt within a year if they keep up their shenanigans.
  9. Fuck yourself.

    God this is bad news. Please stay off TV, and keep your kid away from any gold.
  10. Garrett has actually improved a fair bit since the whole "trained by Hogan" thing. He works good as a cocky mid card heel in my opinion. He is good at selling so they could easily work him as a character that takes punishment but wins by dirty tactics. Ideally I'd hook him up with some muscle at ringside as well.

    Miles ahead of Brisco either way but in hindsight I'm not that surprised. When the son of one of Vince McMahon's best friends gets released from WWE development for being bad, then you're just bad.
  11. I am not hating on Garret being on tv, im saying never give him a belt. TV title could work though. Good way to build.
  12. Garrett as a shit head mid card champ would be pretty entertaining TV in my opinion. TV title or tag team with whatever muscle they stick him with (lets go with Knux for the sake of the discussion). He can actually cut an okay heel promo, he knows how to wrestle decently and he is a believable midcard shit head.

    Never a world title though.
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  13. exactly. Id rather he tv title (keeps him on tv weekly, cheating to win, same as what i was saying with ryder) as long as his muscle is with him. I dont min Knux but dude is irrelevant. Id rather give him a...shit there is almost no one left.
  14. The only other big man is Rob Terry. And he's an anchor I wouldn't wish on any wrestler.
  15. yep, exactly. Would have loved Morgan and the bischoffs vs hogan. Thats about all i can think of.
  16. I'd really like creative to explain Aces & Eights end goal. In fact I'd rather not have factions at all as every faction that I can remember has been stupid and pointless when I think about it.
  17. Their end goal was simple - win the world the title for their president: Bully Ray. That was done in April.
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    The mission of the Aces and Eights was originally to have each others' backs since the company didn't have theirs. They felt betrayed and couldn't trust Hogan so they just went into business for themselves. Anderson wants a title shot, Devon wanted the TV Title, Bully wants the World Title back, so they all are together to suit the needs of the group.

    That was the original goal anyway, what's actually happened has been... well, what you've seen on TV. Please TNA. No more factions.

    As for the OP: Not optimistic, but that's probably my anti-old-guy bias kicking in again.
  19. I think that TNA need to concentrate on the x division again because they are the best matches on their show. If they changed their concept and the x division was the big prize.. Lets get bischoff out first
  20. Matt Conway needs to go away. He's been working with Russo prior to Lagana coming in, his time has passed and needs to fuck off, and seeing some of the recent finishes (like Styles-Aries, Joe-Hardy) makes me think that it wasn't all Russotastic from 2007-2011. It was Conwaytastic as well.
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