News on Funkasaurus Return

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. Miz gon' be buried.
  2. I like it tbh, Miz and Brodus get something to do. Not to mention Miz is going to throw out some funny insults at him, with hopefully Brodus given a bit of freedom to show what he can do on the mic.
  3. AS much as I hate teh GAY FUCKER! I hope he does BURY THE MIZ! But I want Brodus to come back as THE DAM MONSTER! The that were promo him to come back as!
  4. Why do we want another monster? We have Kane, Mark Henry, Big Show and Khali portraying the big monster whether face or heel. Brodus is probably more talented then at least 2 of them. His gimmick was unique which is a big thing in the cookie cutter WWE.
  5. I can't see Miz coming out on top. Even if it's close it's still a step down :emoji_slight_frown:.

    Though the promos will be hilarious.
  6. His gimmick dumb! Henry could on his way out Khali have not been monster since 2009 I think?! And u never can have enough monster! And Cay is a better as monster even he was a face monster I have him be that over this dumb ass GAY GIMMICK ANY DAY of the week!
  7. So you'd rather he have the same gimmick as at least 2 other guys who'll get higher billing then something unique?

    @[Crayo] I could see him getting a cowards win but nothing clean tbh.
  8. He better as a monster aso yes! peopel would take him more seruis and people would not change the channel ever time he come on!
  9. I hope he isn't booked like a weak son of a bitch again though, it really gives him nothing to stand on. I'd pay to see Miz lay into Brodus about how he beat a 400lbs sex freak. Lolol. #MizIsAwesome
  10. Could be interesting.
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