News on how the house show circuit will work since Orton's back

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Kinda interesting... certainly would rather see the Smackdown show though, and hope the brand split comes back soon (fat chance)
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  2. So wait, Triple H is going to appear on Smackdown but only for off camera roles? Why? Surely you'd have him in storylines?

    Still I wonder if this will mean he's getting control of Smackdown - which - going by how NXT is doing, should be good news; apart from his love for sheamful.
  3. I had noticed on the cards for the upcoming house shows CM Punk was back to doing Raw instead of SmackDown, so I thought he must have been filling in as a way to draw in the crowds during Orton's absence. Seems almost odd that Raw is suppose to be their big show, yet SmackDown has more top stars lined up for its shows.
  4. He's been doing his random untelevised burials for quite some time now, they don't want him to be a big part of the show and take much time on SD every week I believe, so he just goes there and Pedigrees a random heel off screen to sell tickets.
  5. So this mean punk doesnt have to be overworked anymore? :emoji_grin:
  6. Yes.
  7. Good :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Indeed, it avoids excessive fatigue and possibly injury for him, being a main eventer and champion that's the last thing we'd want.
  9. does he even take painkillers for any pain me might be in? being straight edge and all.
  10. Apparently no, seems like he cracked his skull in the indies some time ago and didn't take any painkillers.
  11. ouchies :emoji_slight_frown: thats dedication... or stupidity.. one of those.
  12. :lol1:
  13. Bryan doesn't take painkillers also I believe.

    And he is the guy known for wrestling a 45 minute match blind on one side of his face.
  14. Bryan is a legit tough nut.
  15. Bryan wouldn't give two shits about wrasslin' Brock Lesnar.
  16. That's good that they got their big stars in separate shows now. It'll bring some good order, and others will be able to rest now instead of having to move quickly to get to Smackdown. I hope that they start getting the rookies in order too and deciding how much air time they get also. I would prefer if the major stars show up on RAW since it's longer and they can put in longer matches that'll make it better on there, and putting the ones who are becoming big some Smackdown air time since they can put on good matches without needing that long of a time also.
  17. Wonder how long until another big star gets suspended or injured
  18. Good cuz I won't be watching SD anyways. Take Orton off RAW.
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