News on Lawlers wwe return

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  1. Thus Cole turning face, question remains though, who will be the new color commentator?

  2. Cole already is face really. He's just a smarmy face.

    Edit: Well, compared to what he was pre-wrestlemania last year.
  3. Yes but after the Lawler heart attack he has turned full blown face, he is very comparable to JR now in that he favors the faces but he still gives the heels credit for being good in the ring etc. But he has turned face
  4. Lawler should just retire for the benefit of us all and himself. Bring back Booker T as the color guy, but give him an edge. He doesn't even have to be a heel, just let him be like he was on SD but with a little more praising of heels. You can say what you want about Booker, but he and Cole were always entertaining together.
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  5. Definetily. Booker and Cole were king. I'd also be fine with Regal since he has proved himself awesome as a color commentator.
  6. I can dig JR for some more time, but if Lawler doesn't come back or takes a looong time, Booker would be a great choice. He was always entertaining and put excitement in matches. Regal I think needs a bit more practice as a commentator, he's very good but sometimes stutters and gets lost in sentences, although it's sparse. I'd keep him on NXT at least a few more months before bringing him up.
  7. JBL. 'nuff said
  8. Regal and Booker would be awesome together and them along with Cole would be hilarious.

    They'll probably just call up Byron Saxton or something lol. Anything that isn't calling up Regal -_-
  9. Hell yeah.

    I'd take Booker over JR any day. I love JR but he's no colour-commentator, he's a play-by-play GOAT but Cole has took his role now and does it better than JR at the moment. People underestimate how good Cole is in my opinion.

    Cole - Booker - Regal

    I wouldn't mind if that was the line up to be honest. And I'm glad to hear Lawler won't be back for a while, I personally wish he retired. Glad he's recovering though.
  10. I love Jerry. Going to be great seeing "the King" back on RAW.


    Oh and stick to JBL and Jim Ross for now. Or Regal and Booker T..
  11. That's a long time. Might well just retire now. No one would blame him and most of us probably would love it if he did.

    I don't think JR will be commentating for too long until they find a good replacement. I wonder who it'll be.
  12. he should take a long rest to recover :Win:
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