News on Next Week's WWE RAW General Manager

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jul 3, 2012.

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  2. Regal. :kobe:

    No, I'm not really sure who it is.
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  4. Bob Backlund. :yay:
  5. SCSA!!! Calling it. Get @[Seabs] in here as my witness.
  6. SCSA is possible as he has his own show so his schedule would be packed. Big star too.
  7. Austin is possible. I'd normally think he'd be available for SD too, but since he's with his show now... :hmm:
  8. It's gonna be Regal.

    No way is SCSA gonna return in a 20-jobber battle royal on SmackDown.

    Be serious.
  9. We know. But the thing is, the Raw GM is important and will only show up one night because he's too busy and the SD GM will be decided by the Battle Royal. So if Regal is the GM of something he'll be the SD GM. The Raw GM will be SCSA probably.
  10. Never knew about this SD battle royal stuff. I thought his was just random GM appearance. I don't think SCSA will be in the battle royal. Regal would be awesome.
  11. SCSA won't be in the Battle Royal. If he's a GM, he'll be the Raw GM, I'm sure.
  12. Yeah I'd be more shocked if he didn't have a run as GM during these legend appearances. Man I mark for SCSA every time. Him burying Slater will be awesome.
  13. But you think he'll return as GM or legend?
  14. GM I guess :emoji_slight_frown:
  15. I also think so. The legends that are appearing are guys who don't show up so often these days, Austin is there from time to time.
  16. Austin as GM for the episode would be great. As for the legand returning I hope it is not him. I have liked seeing guys we never see. Vader, Sid, Doink, and DDP have been awesome because we never see those guys.
  17. Stone Cold has to be GM, I reckon he'd put on a great show, I'd love to see him put a Stone Cold Stunner on a few people too.
  18. Bob Backlund next week, please! :yay:
  19. I agree with stone cold not being a legend returning >:O It would seem very anticlimactic.

    Him being GM would be good only if he does something that impacts the show and will still have impact months into the future. if he's just there for a week and nothing big happens then i dont see the point
  20. I could see him as GM for one week just to pop a rating, for it to be a surprise or whatever.
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